Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I wonder if it's significant that it's been 6 years...

Every once in a while, I remember to check the John Edward website to see where his tour is taking him, and when he's going to be back in our neck of the woods. A couple of weeks ago, one of those urges hit me, and I checked his tour dates for upcoming Overland Park visits.

Of course, this is the one year in several where he won't actually be coming to Kansas City. Instead, he'll be in Wichita again this year. ::sigh:: Not only do I not want to make that drive again, but it also falls on a Wednesday night. Fine for me, but Leo has school the next morning, and that means we wouldn't be able to stay overnight after watching the session. And I really, really hate making that drive twice in one day. Sucks.

So that was right out.

But then I thought to check out the other locations he's planning on hitting up. And lo and behold, if he wasn't going to be in Lincoln, Nebraska just a few short weeks from when I was on his website! So I figured there might not be any tickets left, but YAY! There were!!!

So tomorrow afternoon, Leo and I will hop on up to Lincoln so we can see John Edward speak. I haven't been able to see him since 2005, and I can't believe it's been as long as it has!

For those who are wondering why I'm so excited to see a politician speak in Lincoln, NE, you're thinking of John Edwards. This is John EDWARD. Basically put, dude talks to dead people.

Or, rather, they "talk" to him.

Anyway, regardless of your level of belief in that sort of shit, he's wildly entertaining to see in person. I've seen him twice before, and while I've never been "read", I've been absolutely fascinated by what I saw as a member of the audience.

Plus, he's a funny dude.

Anyway, Leo has always had a more skeptical view of the afterlife, even with all the goings on we have in our home. And while he's been somewhat forced to rethink his position on it all since we've been together, he still tends to keep his mind trained on the thought that after we die, we're just gone.

I'm really excited that he finally gets to see a medium like John Edward in person like this. And maybe I'll have the opportunity to ask another question while I'm there, like HOW THE FUCK DOES OUR GHOST MOVE SHIT AROUND??? That's one for the books. Because I like to think I know how it all works, but it'd be interesting to hear his professional opinion on teleportation of objects.

I wonder if I should take along the over $2 in change that we've received from Jeffers thus far...hmm....


Ms. Pants said...

John Edward just does cold reading on people. Anyone could do it.

Faith said...

Have you seen him in person? I don't believe that's what he's doing. Just my own personal belief. ::shrug::

MoxieMamaKC said...

I saw him 6 years ago (Summer of 2004) when he was at the OP Convention Center and I really don't think he's faking it. He was amazing, but I was disappointed none of my ghosts wanted to speak up. I think he's the real deal.

Faith said...

I don't think he's faking it, either, Moxie, but like I said in my post, regardless of one's beliefs on the matter, the dude IS entertaining. Every time I've seen him has been worth every penny.

Also, I don't think that "anyone" can do cold reading. But that's a totally different story! If it's what John is doing, then he does a damned good job of it. And I've seen him personally make a bunch of people very happy with the messages he brings through. That's hugely important to me...

4gapgirls said...

Hello, I was suppost to go to john edward in lincoln,Ne, Had ticket,just wasn't able to make it.
I have to ask you, Do you remember the first person who came through for john that night in lincoln? I am asking because a lady i kind of know went to john's event and told me my love one was the first to come through. I beleave in all john does i guess i just don't know if this lady is just saying this to try and make me feel better. I don't know. My loss has been recent. If you can remember anything, i will be forever grateful. Lisa