Monday, February 21, 2011

If you touch my paw *one more time*, I will cut you.

I don't know if there's a sweeter puppy on the planet outside of my Izzy-pizzy. Ok, maybe one that doesn't bark like a mad-woman at the mailman every day, but still...she's so sweet and twee and she's just an awesome doggeh!

Last week, she seemed to be developing a limp. We couldn't figure out what was going on, because it switched legs...early in the morning, she'd be limping and favoring her right front paw, and then later in the day it would switch to the left paw. It was weird. Regardless, something was wrong. I tried feeling her legs, and checking for any objects that might be poking them, or for swelling or anything like that, and found nothing out of the ordinary. I tried looking at the pads of her feet, and of course sent her into a tizzy of licking me until I LET GO, DAMMIT.

She really, really hates it when we touch her paws. Like, she does this sweet licking thing to warn us first, but you know that if you do it for too long, she's not above bearing teeth over it. (We've never pushed the point, to be honest. It's funny for us to tease her from time to time over it, but for the most part, we leave her feet alone. We let someone else trim her toenails, even!)

So we got her into the vet last Monday, and they thought it might be a joint thing, and gave us some puppy nsaids to give her. And we did. And the limping continued.

And then Saturday, she was licking and licking and licking her right paw. So I finally looked, and saw what looked like a sore of some sort on one of the pads. I got Leo to be the lickee, and he held her head while we both checked the sore, and sure enough, it looked like a painful open wound! Actually, it looked like a scratch. We figured it developed thanks to her having to go out in the cold and snow and ice to do her bidness over the last month. But what else are dogs supposed to do? Should we lay out a red carpet, for crissakes?

We didn't believe it was emergency material, so we waited until this morning to get her in to the vet. She was fine, for the most part. She laid still a lot of the weekend, and we tried to keep her from licking it to death when she was in the mood to do that instead of just sleeping.

Apparently, it's a corn, or some shit. And the doctor was looking at it, and poked it a bit too much, according to Leo, and stuff started (sorry!) oozing out of it. My poor girl!!! Like I said, she's been bearing it like a champ so far. And now that we have our eye on it, hopefully it will get better. The sore has been drained, the paw wrapped up, and we have antibiotics to give her to hopefully clear up any infection that might be in there.

Jake is extremely worried about her, of course. He's all interested in her bandage, and wants to cheer her up by licking her to death. (He just doesn't seem to understand that sometimes? Licking ain't the answer.)

My feet are offering pain in sympathy today for her, it seems. I wore shoes that I usually wear with socks or tights, and I'm wearing them with bare feet today. GAH. Bad. idea. It's during times like these that one is reminded of just how important the comfort of the foot is. Very, very important...cannot WAIT for this day to be over!

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faithstwin said...

I love that picture of herrrr. She's so cute! Hopefully whatever the vets are doing will take care of the problem.