Friday, February 04, 2011

I'm on the edge of my seat. :/

You wish you were me right now.

I can tell from here, even. You would be as excited as I am if you were in my shoes, boy.

That's right! I have a jury summons, muthafuckers! And it's MINE, allll miiiine.

::sigh:: This is actually the 4th one I've received in the past couple of years. I think I'm getting them every 6 months or so. They tend to come during inopportune times. Like this one. It'd kick off my birthday week with a yawn if I actually get summoned!

Kansas is fun in that regard. See, they send a summons in the mail, but it just gives instructions to call the weekend before the actual date you're asked to appear and find out if they're really going to need you. I think they must draw from a hat, or something, and pick a group at random to actually call in.

So I have to call tonight after 5 p.m. to find out whether or not I'll be going in to do the ever so exciting job of sitting for the day on Monday.

Yeah, yeah...not much different from my actual job, but still. I have an acupuncture appointment on Monday night, and if I have to do the jury duty thing, it's gonna fuck that all up.

Plus, did I already mention the birthday thing?

Ok...t-minus 26 minutes till I find out...


Anonymous said...

I almost made it on a jury (Jackson County) for a MURDER trial. I was actually very interested in the opportunity, but was nixed from selection. I think I watch too much Law & Order.

faithstwin said...

I NEVER get summoned! EVER!

They can't trace me, right? I won't say anything here in case they can but I will say I have heard SOME of us get summons on a right regular basis- so much so it has become an official joke when one of us gets the mail.

"OooHhoooHHHHHHhhhoooo! Guess what MOOOOmmmMmmMmmm got today!?"

No matter how many times I have had to ask for an excuse no one seemes to get it- until they cure the disease I am dealing with? I can't serve on a friggin JURY, for crying' out loud!

Maybe mine will slow down now that you are getting yours so often. Maybe they have worked something out with dentists.

"Time for jury duty! Ohh, and by. The. Way... have you made your dental cleaning appt lately?"