Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's either my gall bladder, or a surprise pregnancy.

So I'm thinking I have gall bladder problems. This isn't a surprising revelation...just a really shitty one.

Fortunately (?), I tend to only experience a sour stomach and nausea as my symptoms. Not really a lot of pain to speak of. It could be much worse, is all.

And maybe it will get worse. Who knows? I'm going to try to cut it off at the pass, though, and just get as much fat out of my diet now while I can. Which is what my personal trainer has been trying to get me to do for a couple of months now, so she'll be happy, I'm sure! I was down to being between 45 - 55 grams per day. My effort now will be to get below 30 grams a day.

I'm afraid to eat anything. It's like a little test...will this make me nauseous? Will that give me gas and bloating? How about...a leetle bit of avocado? AUUUGGGHHH! Scared. All the time. (For the record, I ate the little bit of avocado in the sushi rolls I chose for lunch today. So how my body reacts to that remains to be seen. It couldn't have been more than an eighth of a whole one. Hopefully, that won't do much damage! Hopefully, it does NO damage, dammit!)

I've had a whole 700 calories today, and I don't plan on eating much more. I'm kind of hungry, but I think the fear is keeping it at a lower roar than usual.

I need my acupuncture to hurry up and start working on balancing all this shit out, yo. ::sigh:: Also, I see my endocrinologist on Friday this week to go over all the fun tests we did a month ago. I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that I've developed this gall bladder bullshit in the meantime.

I know my body doesn't suck as much as it could. But, man...this just isn't any fun, anymore. Can I go back to being 22 again, please?


faithstwin said...

You can go back to 22, I'd like to go waayyy back to 13. SUCH a great time in my life. It is officially the time I would ask to go back to if Jesus came and offered to send me back to one single year.

Faith said...

Ugh. 13 sucked. PLUS, we couldn't drink. Gag!

Nope, I'll take 22, thanks. I looked HOT when we were 22. :P