Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Parking is NOT that HARD!

Look, if you've been driving for 20, 30 years? GET THE PARKING THING DOWN.

It's not that hard! FUCK.


faithstwin said...

Uh-oh. And I agree.

Faith said...

Meh...it was just two parking spots in a row yesterday. When I was done making a salad at the grocery store, I went out to find that some dillweed had parked super-close to my car on the driver's side. Had to squeeze in there. And then I got back to work, and found a spot on the 1st level that was perfect, except one car had parked all wonky next to it. It just was like, really?

People need to make more of an effort, IMO. Driving isn't a passive activity, FFS!