Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What are we watching?

Karl Pilkington is a wise man.

Haven't heard of him? I feel kinda bad for you, then.

(Nah, really, I wound't know who he was, either, if I wasn't married. So I have to thank Leo for this one.)

We've been watching a new show on The Science Channel (yeah, I know. Weird, right?) that's called An Idiot's what Ricky Gervais considers to be his most expensive practical joke ever.

Apparently, he really likes torturing this one friend he has named Karl. Well, he and his cohort Stephen Merchant like torturing him. Both minds together are a relatively diabolical combination when it comes to poor Karl.

The basis of the show is pretty simple: Karl is visiting the 7 Wonders of the World. It's meant to expose him to different cultures, and broaden his mind.

I can totally relate to Karl, and I think that's why I like him as much as I do. If I had a friend like Ricky in my life, I wouldn't need any enemies, basically. Karl has to experience things like foreign toilets, walking the Great Wall of China (the whole wall), Indian "Holi Day", and trying food at a stranger's house that won't take "No, I don't really want that" for an answer. Karl's innocent wit and charm makes it all really enjoyable to watch.

Watch the show. It's on on Saturday nights at 10 eastern/pacific. You've already missed a couple of the shows (there was a introductory 30 minute episode, and then his trip to China and his trip to India, which were each 1 hour long), so you should probably go to the link I posted above and watch the earlier ones on Science Channel's website. You know, if you have the time. (You should find the's totally worth it.)

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