Thursday, February 17, 2011

WT VD = White Trash Valentine's Day!

Leo has a penchant for referring to Valentine's Day as "VD". Ever since we were first together, he has given me a homemade card to celebrate "VD", and I honestly can't tell you if he's just writing it that way to save the time of writing the whole thing out? Or if he's still 12? Just not sure on that point.

Regardless, he does it.

So this year, we started talking about how we were planning on "celebrating" the silly day, and I was all into that heart-shaped pizza that Papa Murphy's was selling. Goofy, stupid...a good way to mock the day, if you ask me.

We decided to make it a "boxes and boxes" day, by getting boxed wine (inspired by a whole boxed wine section at one of our local liquor stores we visit), and a pizza (in a box, of course!), and then washing it all down cream cake. I don't know how that fit in there, but there ya go.

I got sick on Monday, so we had to delay the celebration a little bit. Last night, I went home and found that Leo had been hard at work on his card-creating for me. It was awesome. The front of the card said, "The things men do to get laid. I mean, TO BE IN LOVE." And then the inside was this;Hahahahaha! That's a picture of me and Leo from Christmas that he went ahead and pasted a picture of George Clooney onto, since he knows that I'd like to retire at the ripe age of 38, and start my official stalking of George Clooney full time, if possible.

"Would it be great if we could rent George Clooney's head for a day!!"
(Well, personally, I wouldn't mind renting some other parts along with it, but yeah...the head would do, I s'pose)

He didn't end there, though. Oh no. He also took a picture of us from our engagement photos (the only one we have framed, actually...I didn't like them all that much), and took it out of the frame, slapped George on to that one, too, and then put it back into the frame. Hahahahaha! George is so intense when he's posing in studio.

Leo is also intense when he's posing with our ice cream cake...

Domo! We know it's you in disguise! NO ICE CREAM CAKE FOR YOU!!!
Anyway, even though we had to put off the celebration a couple of days, my lovely Leo still found a way to make it fun and special. I knew that marrying him was a good plan, dammit. :D


faithstwin said...

OMG! AAhhahahahaha! That sorta makes up for the gross shit he texted me while you were off at John Edward. Leo is a good egg.

::ehhem:: Whhyyyy haven't you posted the seriously awesome photo I sent you the other day? No love for me or something? =(

Old Fart said...

That's Awesome.

But, you might want to tone down the whole "stalking George Clooney" thing.

Not because of possible criminal charges, but to simply not incure the wrath of Laura at Fetch My Flying Monkeys ( That women is obsessed! Actually delusional is probably more accurate.. but funny as hell