Thursday, March 10, 2011

Because sometimes, I like making the Twin smile.

Back when we were home in San Juan Capo for Christmas, my step mom was all about taking pictures of the kids in front of the tree. At one point, she talked Leo and I into posing for her. We snapped a few pictures, and then this happened:
I don't honestly remember this occurring. The Twin did, though, and was glad that our step mom not only saved the picture, but framed it for Twin and gave it to her as a birthday present! As the story goes, this present made the Twin very, very happy.

I think we like it because Leo's fist looks so damned weird in it. And I have that look on my face, and the Twin is all "YAY!"

Anyway, Twin wanted me to post it on the blog. And I didn't do it right away because then it would be all expected and shit. So here it is. At an unexpected time. :D

Gotta love the Twin and Leo!

1 comment:

faithstwin said...

YYAAAAAAYYY!!! You're so saucy.

His fist does look weird! I hadn't noticed that before.

And step mom didn't take a pic of ME in front of the tree... I guess because she gets to see my beautiful face on a regular basis or something. =D

And yes: everybody loves me. It's so hard not to. Even when I'm cranky as shit, still super loveable.