Monday, March 21, 2011

Chemical warfare in mah belleh.

I've done it before, but I had to do it again...I gave up Diet Coke.


I didn't want to. But it became clear that I had to. I'm pretty sure it's what's been causing my bouts with nausea over the last few months. I still can't prove it 100%, but last week, after having to call in sick again on Monday because I was just too nauseous to even move for 8 hours, I decided that drinking Diet Coke might be an issue. So I did without it on Monday (of course), and then on Tuesday I went all day without any caffeine at all, and just dealt with the fallout. (Headache, mood, sleepiness...) By Wednesday, I was willing to try caffeine, but in a different form. So I got an iced tea. And it went ok.

So by the time Saturday rolled around, I was really, really missing my daily Diet Coke! Like, really really. So I told Leo to go ahead and grab me one when he went out to grab us caffeine from the QT that morning.

And by about 1:30, I was feeling like hammered shit again.

I've done this sort of thing before. In fact, I'm sure there are references to it in my archives, but I don't have the desire to look it up right now, to be honest.

I'll be ok, I guess. I'm just a little sad about it. Could be worse, I suppose! So I'll count my blessings, and just keep sipping away at my tea...


Ms. Pants said...

Diet Coke or Coke Zero? Or does it matter? I'm wondering if you're allergic to Aspartame. I have a friend who's allergic.

In any case, sad that you have to say goodbye to your bubbly friend, but good that you've pinpointed the shithammering culprit!

Faith said...

Diet Coke. I can't drink that zero shit. I cannot stand the flavor of it!

As long a I don't ever have an allergic reaction to beer, sushi, or pasta, I can get by in this world. Losing Diet Coke is no fun, though! :(

emawkc said...

I was also wondering if it might be something else in the Diet Coke besides caffeine.

Why not give coffee a try? I'm a big proponent of it. Great flavor, all the caffeine you could want, cream and sugar to your taste.

And, it's non-addictive. Really, I've been drinking coffee for 20 years and I haven't become addicted.

faithstwin said...

Huh. How nutty! Nothing in our world is forever, I guess.

My trainer today asked me what it is about Diet Coke that I enjoy... I've thought about it before, but it's been a while. She suggested if its the bubbles, I should try some soda water with lime in it. I honestly think it's a combo of the flavor and the bubbles, but also the caffeine...which I can get from tea. But there are days when I get to 2 o'clock and haven't had one and am fine without the caffeine (because of the naps, I s'pose.) Maybe I'll give it up WITH you. =D

Faith said...

I just checked the instant iced tea that I use at my desk from time to time, and I happen to buy a sugar free Lipton product that has aspartame in it. I had it all last week. It didn't cause a problem.


Must be all the other chemicals in Diet Coke that creates the magic combo.

OR it has nothing to do with the Diet Coke itself, but rather more to do with how it interacts with my super-fucked up intestinal system that clearly HATES ME and wants me to SUFFER. ::cries quietly::

faithstwin said...

Is this how Wisconsin is going to go? Will the girls and I find you crying quietly in the big wave pool? Should we leave you alone in those cases or give you a reassuring pat on the shoulder? Maybe we should just kind of swim around in little circles near-by so we aren't all up-in-your-face yet still being Protective Family Unit.

::Random Stranger:: "OooWWww! What the hell, man?!"

::Me:: "Swim on. Mind your own beezewax already."

::Random Stranger:: "You just kicked my side!"

::Me:: "I can do worse. Keep it up."

::Random Stranger:: "What? Did you just threaten me?"

::Me:: -Splashing water in Random Stranger's face- "Girls, come help me out with this..."

We protect our own, yo.

Faith said...

Hahahaha! Dude, you are soooo weeeiiiirrd. :P