Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I'm just a wordy bitch.

Do you ever get finished writing an email, and then before you send it you're all, Damn. That's a long fuckin' email!

But you can't really take anything out, because then it wouldn't make any sense.

So you just send the long-ass email, and hope people receiving it seriously appreciate all the effort and time you put into writing the novel-email dealio?

I write long emails. It's been a fault of mine for years.

But the thing is, I need to give people as much information as I can. I don't want to leave them with questions! So I provide info up the yin yang. And then I become known for writing novel-length emails.

Which I think is kind of shitty, since really, I'm doing them a favor.

Because, honestly, what am I supposed to do with an email like this?:

"Faith, I have a person starting on 2/28/2011. Can you help me with reserving a desk, getting a badge request, and a computer. If I have forgot anything please let me know."

Can anyone see anything wrong with that email at all? Just off the top of your heads?

Yeaaahhh...maybe the person's name would be helpful??? ;)

Being new to a management position, I totally don't blame that dude for leaving some important stuff out, and we worked everything out together, so no biggy. But see, had he been more like me from the get-go, we would have had way fewer emails pass between us about that new hire!

::sigh:: Maybe it's kind of like a sickness that I have. Maybe there's a medicine I can take to help with the long email thing. But I dunno...I already take a lot of pills. Maybe people should just put up with it and be happy I provide them with all the details they could ever want to know about a given topic.

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Ms. Pants said...

I tend to live by "Better too much info than not enough."

When you get all the new-hire stuff sorted out, shoot him an email saying: In the future, I will need this info for all new hires--
*Favourite colour
*Or whatever else you need.