Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lessons from Wisconsin. #1: They *really* love pizza.

The vacation with the Twin and her daughters was a good time. We went to the indoor water park. We checked out the local landscape. We ate the local food. We raced nuns. It was fabulous.

On our way to the Dells, which was where our hotel was located, we passed this crazy mutherfuckin' house that was leaning all askew on it's foundation. In Kansas and Missouri, we eventually just let these kinds of things fall down, and return to the earth from whence they came.

But apparently in Wisconsin they have to nail a bunch of wood to the other side of the house to keep it from falling on the small road it's sitting next to. That was our best explanation for what was going on there... I have a few other shots of it that I plan on uploading tonight, so I'll share those tomorrow. We actually drove back down about 20 miles south of where we were staying so we could get a better look at it, and take photos. Taking in the's what you do when you're in Wisconsin. Another sight? Dead bird outside the pizza place we ate at on Monday for lunch.

Poor little thing! And also? Ewww...

Just wanted to pop up an update. I have a meeting to go to right now, so I'll write a proper recap of the trip tomorrow, and hopefully will have those photos ready to go with it. In the meantime, watch as the Twin and I race our nuns!


Nuke said...

Nun racing. You absofreakinglutely made my day!

faithstwin said...

Ahhhwww Nuke- you have no idea! Guess where I found those? In the cheese shop down the street from the hotel. We all split up a bit while wandering thru and I came across these nuns. I dunno if anyone here knows but Faith kindasortasometimes collects nuns. Since she was partially dragged along on this vacay I decided to try and surprise her with a small token of my appreciation. It worked! I managed to hide the box as we all walked thru the store, then suggested Faith head over to a map to see if she could find something we had been looking for on it while I made my purchases...I made the sweet lady behind the counter hide the nuns as soon as possible and it was a total success when I finally presented Faith with the nuns. We were happy to get this small window of time to spend together while the girls were off traversing the vast Wilderness property experiencing as many indoor waterpark moments they could conjure.

I am completely happy with the fact that I lost every race and suggested Faith maybe mark the nun that seems to favor her so she can win every race she attempts from anyone willing- She could use some fancy hand work and start with the losing nun, make a bet then 'magically' her nun will start winning. It's a completely new kind of hustle. Just sayin...

My fav moment? When I put my nun in front of the camera and made her sing and Faith followed suit as if we had it all scripted. Seriously... awesome.