Monday, March 07, 2011

So we're househunting.

Ugh. Househunting is so, soooo different when you already own a house, and want to move into a new one. It would be one thing if the realtor I worked with when I was searching 7 years ago was still in the business, but she's not. I'd totally work with her again.

Instead, we have to find a new realtor. And how do you do that if you don't know anyone that's bought/sold a house recently, or anything? It's hard. So. many. realtors. ::cries::

So we started by going out to some open houses to meet realtors, and get a feel for who might be a good fit for helping us out. Thing is, we also ran across open houses for homes we'd like to buy. And mixing the two activities wound up being a little exhausting.

I don't think we're very good at this real estate game, basically!

I don't know how quickly this process will go for us, but I'm hoping it goes smoothly. Wish us luck! I'll keep everyone updated as the process progresses...


faithstwin said...

OooOoo! Exciting! I think it's easier when you can have one agent that reps both parties- makes it easier on the seller too. Just my .02.

Faith said...

Yeah, I'd be fine with that, really, except the houses we're looking at are about double (or more) of what the house we're selling will go for. I dunno that we're going to find a realtor selling a higher level type home that wants to help with our measly little ol' ranch, you know?

But it's a consideration, for sure. Just for the pure ease of it, if nothing else!

thedirtyknitter said...

just fyi Julie Deppen has been our realtor for 2 different houses... she's very high energy and will work hard for you - and won't care about the pricing discrepancy in the house you want to buy vs. sell! it's hard finding a realtor who you can work well with!!

Faith said...

That name sounds familiar, dirtyknitter. I might've met her at an open house over the weekend.

Thanks for the tip!!! :D

statia said...

Wait. Why are you moving? What about Jeffers? Think about Jeffers!!!!! ;o)