Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break is just beginning

As the Twin has alluded to a few times in the comments over the past couple of weeks, she and I will be heading on a little vacation together (along with her daughters) starting Saturday.

I'm definitely looking forward to the break from work. And also, I get to see the Twin! And her girls! YAY!

But we're going to Wisconsin for this little vacation, which is convenient for me, I suppose. But my coworker asked me when I told her about the trip earlier this month, "What the hell is there to do in MARCH in Wisconsin?" Yeeaaahhh...I know. It's weird. But we're going to this ginormous indoor water park, is the thing. So it should be fun, in spite of the cold temps and threat of snow. I'm just imagining the awesome peoplewatching already. ::claps hands in excitement::

Earlier this week, the Twin was telling me about her lovely weekend with her oldest daughter. She's 14, and a freshman in high school. Apparently, she whipped out the "you don't understand!" argument with the Twin during the fight they were having, and it made the Twin laugh a little. Oh hoo! YES she does. She was a teenager too, and not all that long ago! She most certainly does understand, FFS!

Then we were talking about something else that the girls had done that related to stupidness, and I said something about kids being just dumb sometimes. Twin agreed. And then I reminded her about a story of my own dumbness when we were younger. Which is shit I don't bring up very often, as I don't need people to remember how stupid I was at one point in life, and rubbing it all in my face later. But this is just a silly story. I have to tell it.

I can't remember the particulars of how it all began, but the Twin and I both needed to take a shower before heading somewhere. I called the shower first, but Twin went in there while I was getting undressed, and locked the door, and climbed in herself.

(She could be SUCH a fucking heinous bitch when she really wanted to be!)

(Oh, by the way, we were about 12 or 13. So we were both in the prime of our heinous bitchery at the time.)

I was PISSED. So my solution for handling the shower issue was to go around to the rest of the house, and turn on all the hot water items I could. Mom and dad's shower, their sinks, the jacuzzi in their bathroom, then down one level to my brother's shower, and his sinks, and then into the kitchen to start the DISHWASHER, and run the sink, and then on down to the basement level, where we had yet ANOTHER shower that I ran, along with the washing machine. On a hot load, of course.

It was while I was starting the washing machine that my mother discovered my antics and asked what the hell I was doing, so I explained to her, and then SHE got pissed, and asked me why I didn't just shower someplace else???

I didn't want to. That's how I rationalized my behavior to her. Oh, and the fact that dammit, I CALLED THE SHOWER FIRST. So really, this was all Twin's fault.

I think I honestly thought that my mom would see it my way, thanks to that little aspect of the story.

But no. No she did not.


Being a twin was hard. Being a twin AND a teenager at the same time? Dudes...::shaking head:: Y'all just don't understand.


faithstwin said...

I think you should show them how sorry you are for allll the years you called me 'Ugly' by taking on the zip line. This might also prove to them that you are sorry that you cracked their Mom's wrist with a trapper-keeper sometime in 1983, appreciate their Mom saving your life when you were 4 and drowning in our pool, made fun of their Mom's boobs while she was pregnant AND for breaking my door handle in the San Juan house due to your inability to recognize your wrongness during an argument.

It's either that or give them each $1k in cash half way thru the trip.

Your decision dude...

Faith said...

I was THREE when I almost drowned, and their mom kinda pushed buttons like a beyotch, or else the trapper keeper incident might not ever have happened.

And dude, your boobs were just weird when you were pregnant. Get over it. :P

The zip line AIN'T HAPP'NEN. I will happily watch others zip on it, but NO.

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