Friday, March 11, 2011

That's it. Decision MADE.

Between watching tsunami and earthquake news, and getting ready for work this morning, I wound up being about 20 - 25 minutes late. I blamed the distraction of the news in Japan when I texted my boss (to which he replied, "What happened in Japan?" He's not a morning news watcher...), as well as the goddammed long-ass hair I have on my head.

It just isn't easy to style. It may look pretty, and be fun to pop up into a long, swingy ponytail now and then, and curl into lovely long wavey curls on weekends (because hell if that's gonna happen during a weekday! I'd have to get up even earlier, and dammit...NO.), but it just takes me too damned much time to style.

Even with me just washing it a couple of times a week! It's just too much.

So I'm done. I'm cutting it off at the shoulder! I think any one of these chicks' hair would look fab on top o' mah head...

Does anyone else miss Claire as a redhead? Damn, they'd ALL look awesome as a redhead, I think! Red is fun.

Anyway, I have a text in to my hairdresser to make sure we have enough time to chop things at my next appointment. It'll be at the beginning of April, so don't hold your breath for the change to happen soon! But, oh IS happening...

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Well Hell Michelle said...

Shoulder length will look really good on you!