Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You know what? No. But thanks for the offer!

About a month and a half ago, I made trip arrangements for Leo and I to meet up with my brother and sisters and their families in Hawaii this summer. My older sister found us a house, and we just need to get our asses there for the last week of June, and we can hang out on vacation the way Kansans were always meant to vacation. On a beach. Under palm trees. Preferably with some sort of chilled drink in hand.

I hate making flight arrangements so far in advance for a trip. Just can't stand it. But in this case, it has to be done. There are really very few flight options from Kansas City to Hawaii in the first place...so I wanted to be sure we were booked on our flights of choice!

But of course they would change the flights since I made the reservation. Of course. Which is the reason I hate making the arrangements so far in advance!

Original flight times/paths were just about perfect. I strongly dislike flying through Denver (we're flying United), so I found a flight that went through San Francisco instead. Lovely. Found a return flight that was kinda early in the morning, but we'd get back to KC the same day. Most other flights left in the afternoon or evening, and didn't get here until the following day. BLECH. So I booked the perfect flights, and moved on with life.

At the beginning of this month, they changed my plan on me. Instead of flying out through San Fran, now we were going through Chicago. Kinda stupid, but ok. Fine. We still arrive in Hawaii at about the same time, so whatever.

Flying back sucked a little bit, but it was through San Francisco, and got us back here by 12:15 a.m. on July 4th. Ugh. But alright. We'd still have all day on Monday the 4th to decompress and unpack, etc...

I resigned myself to the changes. And moved on with things.

Today, they called again. With another change. This time, I needed to call them to make the decision on what to do. New option is to leave at 8:30 PM on Sunday, fly through Denver (booo!), and arrive back in KC at about 12:40 PM on Monday.

To me? That option sucks. What else do they have?

Apparently, they can fly us through San Francisco on the way back, but there aren't any flights from there to KC after we arrive there from Hawaii. So we'd have to fly to...wait for it...


and then back to KC. So that's the other choice.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not joking. The guy totally offered me that option.


He checked twice though. Left me on hold for a few minutes each time, and I'm sure he wasn't totally eating his breakfast, and then just saying that he was talking to a supervisor, or anything. I'm positive he was actually checking on my other options.

There's really only one flight at 7 a.m., and one flight at 8:30 p.m. that are my options, I confirmed?

Yes, he said. Those are it.

I told him that (a) I hate flying to begin with. And then (b) flying over water makes that fear jump exponentially higher. And NOW they're (c) putting me on an overnight flight? IN THE DARK? With a pilot that might be sleep deprived??? ::sobs quietly:: Ok...I guess I can hope that another change might come up sometime in the next 3 months.

I am so getting valium before that damned trip. Totally, absolutely, 100% getting DRUGGED UP.

It is 2011. WHY hasn't someone figured out teleportation yet? GAH.


faithstwin said...

You could fly back with me and the girls on the 3rd, on our flight which I am sure there are still tickets for. Then we can spend 4th of Shmuly togethah and you can fly home the day after... just a suggestion. Break it up a bit?

Sorry United sucks such ass. =(

Faith said...

I would love to break it up a bit! Really I would...but that means I'd have to get on a plane the next day, and take another whole day to travel back home. Since there aren't any direct flights from OC to KC. BLECH.

I'll just suffer through it, and take an additional vacation day on the 5th. ::bighugesigh::

Nuke said...

Sorry to hear that travel is being such a pain. It would be nice if you aren't too stressed out to enjoy yourself once you get there.

Can I ask what island you are staying on?

Faith said...

We're going to Oahu, Nuke. North Shore, baby! We used to go there when we were kids. Can't wait to get back for my first visit since I was 7!!!

Also, Leo was born in Honolulu. Oddly enough...:D

sdchickrawker said...

sounds delightful (besides the sucky flights). you know how i love hawaii.

can't wait to see pix :)

Nuke said...

Ahh Oahu. My 2 years stationed there are some of the most memorable of my life (even the parts of my stay there I blacked out lol).

If you get the chance to eat Korean BBQ while there, have some meat juhn for me. It's a localized dish you can't get at Korean places here or elsewhere in the world) and was my favorite.

Must of the other things I did as a 21 year old sailor probably aren't family friendly, so enjoy whatever you do!