Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't you just *hate* that type?

I carpool to work a couple of days each week. I'm next door neighbor happens to work at the same company as me, but is in a different building. So I drive us to work one day each week, and he drives another day. The days vary from week to week, but usually, it's on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Our company has set aside a few parking spots in each garage that are relatively prime parking for those of us that carpool. It's a first come, first serve kind of deal. And they don't have any decals or anything that ID a car as being a carpooling's done on the honor system. So if you park there, you're saying your car is green somehow - either it's a hybrid, or you carpool, or whatever.

So I dropped my neighbor off at his building recently, and then was lucky enough to find one of the green spots open. I parked in it, and walked in to my desk. While I was parking, an SUV pulled in to the last spot open next to mine. Apparently, it was a coworker that knows me. She IM'd me as soon as I got my computer up and running that day.

Nosey coworker: Hey [Faith]- i didn't know you carpooled too - good for you! who do you carpool with? You know you can log all your miles and such and win prizes in the Smart Commute program here at [Company]?

Me: Yep! My neighbor works in [building next to ours]. So I drive Tuesday, and he drives Wednesday. It's nice. We don't drive enough miles to win any prizes. We're only 7 miles from here.

Nosey coworker, who's still trying to make it look like she's NOT accusing me of parking "illegally" in a green space: i'll say - with gas prices like they are - [my coworker] and i both live in Lees Summit and we drive together every day and it helps SO much

Me: That's AWESOME! :D

N.C.: why don't you guys carpool on Mon, Thurs, Fri?

Me: (What I wanted to type? "Because we have lives.") Actually typed: because he has kids. So he can't drive with someone every day because of driving to school duties he has. Also I have chiro/acupuncture appointments a lot. And they're after work. So we just can't.

N.C.: Well, i highly recommend you at least joing the Smart Commute program soon because i think starting in April or May - they are giving us stickers to put on our cars that give us visible permission to park in the Green spots. if security doesn't see your sticker you'll get a boot... :(

Me: Ooh...good tip. Thank you for the heads up! I joined it a couple of years ago, but then just lost interest for some reason...

N.C.: ya, there are a LOT of fakers [you mean like you thought I was???] out there taking up our spots so the program manager is sick of it and trying to come up with ways to make people register for them like the pregnancy spots

Me: I think that's a good plan for sure

N.C.: any whooo...... just wanted to give you a high 5 for carpooling!~

Yeah, SURE she did. I so wanted to call her on her whole Good Cop routine, but she's in charge of a committee I'm on at work, so I tried to remain cordial about it all. Sometimes, I just hate people. ::sigh::


Ms. Pants said...

So the woman in the SUV was getting uppity about being green and carpooling?

faithstwin said...

I was thinking the same thing, Ms. Pants.

I know you can't say anything to her but this is genuinely one of those moments that you can end up going back to over and over at odd times with shit you would have liked to say.

Faith said...

Yep! But she carpools every day with another coworker. So, you know...she's hot shit. And I suck. Because I might be a big faker, and all. ::cue eye roll::