Monday, April 25, 2011

Let's re-cap Friday, hm?

By the time 2:30 p.m. rolled around on Friday afternoon, I started pushing our agent for answers on our offer we'd made on the house we wanted. She got a hold of the seller agent, and he said it was a no-go. They wouldn't even respond to our offer. They want to sell it for asking price, and won't negotiate anything lower.

Oh. Ok. Sooo, that house will sit there and rot, I guess. Sad. :(

Fine, though. We'll find another place to make an offer on. The thing is that Leo and I can't really agree on one that we both like, so that's a bit stressful. I got to go home early, though, so we were looking at houses online together a bit. It was depressing, though. I was still really sad/mad about the other house we wanted, and how stupid those sellers were being about it. So I gave up and started drinking wine.

And then I got the text from our agent that the buyers for our house fell through. They couldn't get the financing they needed to buy our place.


Ok. Well...MORE WINE PLEASE! And I guess in the long run, this was a teeny tiny blessing. Because (a) that meant our neighbors that we really like and want to remain friends with wouldn't wind up living next to a couple of dumbass tools, and (b) we don't have to rush to find a new house to move into now.

But still...GAH.

Here's a small tip: if you can only afford to put down 5% on the house you want, you need to look for a cheaper house, or keep living in your parents' basement for a few more months to save up more down payment. Because it's gonna be rare that a loan company will wanna help finance you in this day and age, mkay? Alrighty then...

So Friday pretty much sucked balls.

But our house is back on the market. And we went ahead and raised the price by $5000, so now it's listed at $170,000. I'm not exactly sure what the logic is behind that one, but the realtor suggested it, and we're just gonna give it a go for a week. And then we wanna have an open house this coming weekend, so that should be fun. We had a call for a showing on Saturday night, but it was at 5 p.m., and they wanted to come over at 5:30. We'd figured we were free and clear for the day when we hadn't had any requests by 4, so we went to the Moose as usual, the dogs were in the kitchen, and we really didn't have the house as clean as we like to have it when we have showings. So we had to turn it down...painfully. I asked my agent to please contact the agent involved, if she could, so she could explain why we had to do that. And then told her that in the future, we will be ready at all times. However, an hour notice is prefered. I mean, we might've been all the way across town, for pete's sake!

We have another showing tonight. So hopefully that will go well.

::sigh:: I really do not enjoy this process as much as I did when I was just buying a home for the 1st time. This is hard, dammit.


Xavier Onassis said...

Speaking as a two-time home owner, I highly recommend renting.

Sell the house, pocket the profits and rent a nice place that is well maintained by the owner.

The peace of mind is priceless.

Faith said...

Unfortunately, I need the mortgage interest tax deduction assistance when it comes to my taxes every year. Which is part of the reason why we're looking for a more expensive house, too.

But yeah...renting was definitely a slightly easier way to live, for sure! I do love living in a home that belongs to me, though. I like updating and changing stuff all over the place! :D