Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our House is Officially For Sale!

I don't think that I'm exactly stalker material. But one never instead of linking to the MLS listing for our house, I thought I'd put up the photos, and give a general description of our area, and then if anyone happens to be interested/knows of anyone who might be interested in a cute, 1-story ranch home with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths, they can email me at faithsista at yahoo dot com. Sound good? Alright, here we go!

So we've never had a house on the market before. This process has been whirl-windy and kind of overwhelming. Fortunately, I keep good records on EVERYTHING. (Shocking, no?) So answering realtor questions and getting the paperwork ready to go has been an easier process thanks to that.

The movers came on Tuesday to get all the stuff out that we don't need right now. We staged the house for sale, and then the photog came that afternoon. In between, our landscaper showed up and mowed the lawn. I didn't expect him until Wednesday, so it really was fortuitous timing on his part! Leo and I cleaned the hell out of everything, got the last pieces of art hung, and then the photog did his magic.

Now, his magic is interesting, IMO. He does some brightening in the photos, and gives the perspective a kind of length that makes spaces look a bit larger than they might be in real life. But it shows the rooms off beautifully, and I'm used to seeing photos like this on the real estate web sites, so I think it's cool over all.

Here's the front of our house. His photos didn't show our awesome landscaping we had installed last year on the south side of the front lawn. It's all just starting to bloom, and looks really pretty! As you walk in the front door, you enter the living room... We have a medium sized leather sectional in there that is perfect for the space, I think. On the other side of the living room from the entry is the kitchen. Part of what I don't like about the brightening procedure the photog used is that it makes our cabinets look a bit streaky. They look much richer in real life. The entrance to the back deck/yard is through the kitchen...

It was a gorgeous day, by the way. Absolutely perfect!

Back inside, on the other side of the living room is the guest bath, the guest bedroom, and the office.

(The guest bedroom has turned out beautifully. I LOVE this space!)

Then the master bedroom is on the back side of the house. We added a foot of space to the room, removed the little closet that was in there originally, and it gave us room for our king size bed and a set of drawers.

Then you go into our master's relatively large.

And we have a closet in there that we made large enough to fit the laundry into. I pretty much LOVE IT.

And here's the closet side...

I asked for a picture of the toilet to be put up, but apparently, they didn't want to put it on the listing. I dunno. Does it look like our master bathroom doesn't have a toilet? Because it does, I swear. It was just about the whole point of the addition in the first place. It's way at the end, so I can shit in peace, dammit. And it's lovely. :)

Anyway, the house is on the market for $165,000. It's off of 71st Street between Lamar and Nall. It's a lovely part of town, and we've really become happy there. We'll likely look for a house not far down the street to move into, actually, we love the neighbors so much! It doesn't have a basement, though, and it only has a one car garage that can't be added on to, which is our reason for the move. Leo needs a garage space. Dude has paid his dues! And I need a basement because tornadic weather and I realllly do NOT get along.

Email me if you have an interest, or know of anyone who might! Gracias...


faithstwin said...

Looks nice!

Faith said...

It is! Do you want it?


We have a showing today at 12:45. Cross your fingers that it goes well!

Christy said...

Cute! I used to live in that neighborhood. Wish I could afford a house.

thedirtyknitter said...

We live down the street around 95th between lamar & nall :) lots of houses for sale! Hope yours sells fast so you can find a great house for a great price! Pics look great!