Thursday, April 07, 2011

Well, my week just keeps getting better and better! (Hint: I'm lying.)

My week has not gotten better as it's gone forward. I'm truly looking forward to getting home tonight, and packing some boxes, clearing out closets, and just basically busting a nut DOING stuff. Leo and I signed on with a realtor this week, and we're putting the house on the market next Thursday. Prepping the house for the online photos and the (hopefully!) inundation of people touring the place is formost in my mind.

Unfortunately, even though I thought Leo was also interested in getting things packed up and ready for storage, he has been uber-focussed on a project for his interior design class that was due today. On Monday, he found some new way of drawing the furniture into his 2D designs, and he literally spends hours drawing, erasing, and re-drawing furniture into different configurations. It's mildly offputting.

That said, I'm glad he's as invested in his class as he is. He seems to have found a new direction for his life that he's really excited about. YAY!

BUT. His ADD is causing him to not realize how much time he spends on all this stuff. So instead of budgeting time for different shit, he gets all caught up in one thing, and hours go by, and he suddenly realizes that the day is gone. ::sigh:: Sucks a lil' bit.

Anyway, so I'm having a rough week, blahblahblah, moving on...

I got my hair cut. I'm very wary of the length... Ok, not really. I like the length. I just looked weird in that photo! Here's another shot where I'm all WHAT-EVER!
Those photos were right after I'd had it done. This is what I look like when I do it myself. More shaggy...less smooth. Booo...
And this is what I look like as a crazy pirate! Aaarrrggghhhh...right up the nose, matey!
One of the activities we chose to do while in Wisconsin on our little Spring Break was to play the 18 hole 3D mini-golf course they had in the resort. It was a little ridiculous. Here are the twin and I discussing a shot...
It was so dark in there...and so glowy. And then putting on the 3D glasses? Ridiculous.

I'd rather play that course every day for 3 straight hours a day all week long than have to deal with the week I'm having, though!

Actually, that'd be kinda fun. Hmm...

So in my initial post about the trip, I shared a photo of the crazy-ass wonky house we saw on our way to Baraboooo, up by the Dells, from Madison. This is what we saw from the highway:

So, of course, I suggested that we drive back down and try to find it one of the ways we were there, so we could take pictures of it. And we did. But we couldn't find an access road to the dirt road it was on. So I pulled over on the highway (it was one of those 2-lane numbers...nothing too major!), and we took some better shots of it, as best we could. Seriously, what is going on here??? My theory: the house was collapsing. Instead of dealing with a full-on collapse, they nailed a bunch of wood to it to hold it down, and keep it in it's tilty position.
Honestly, WTF??? What do YOU think is going on there?


faithstwin said...

Maybe it's one of those things they keep meaning to get to when they aren't farming their crop but just keep putting it off... and they started putting it off like 50 years ago?

I love that shot of us playing golf. Lemme explain: the hole we were at had a funky curve and I had hit my ball perfectly to go around the curve and get in a great spot so I could get at least par. Faith came along, hit her ball which then hit MY ball and sent me into a shitty position for getting my ball into the hole for par. Surprisingly, that happened to quite a few of us during the 18 holes we played.

And then at the end there was a tank with two very large sharks in it. They looked miserable. One shark ended up trying to piss off the other shark (or so it seemed to us) but the second shark was just all, "Deewwwdd. I'm depressed ok? Leave me the fuck alone." We headed around the corner and there was an open tank of a bunch of little baby sharks. In the middle of Wisconsin, yo. Fucked up shit right there.

faithstwin said...

BTW- I love the hair! I am almost inspired to copy-cat ya. But I like my long locks so you're safe from Ultimate Crazy Twindome for now...

Faith said...

C'mon now...let's be honest. Am I ever really safe from Ultimate Crazy Twindome? I don't think so.


Oh, those sad, sad sharks. I try not to think about those sad sharks, if possible.