Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's better: an awesome admin assistant, or an awesome boss?

I liked this Would You Rather question over at the Dooce Community today. And I'm interested in my readers' take on it, as well. It seems to be a pretty subjective issue, of course, and even I had to choose having an awesome boss over having an awesome admin assistant...

...but I am the admin assistant. So, that explains that! ;)

But honestly, if you had to choose whether you're going to have an awesomely wonderful boss, OR an awesomely wonderful admin assistant (who works for you, or your team, or whatever...depends on what kind of job you're in, of course), which would you have?

Happy Administrative Professionals Day, all!

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faithstwin said...

I've been both an awesome boss and an awesome assistant. I've not been so lucky in the 'awesome boss' having category so I guess I'd rather have an awesome assistant.

There are really very few people who are in the position of having a boss while also having an assistant who would have the time to answer this question, no?

I know your BossMan definitely appreciates ya so go have a nap in a spare room as a reward!