Thursday, May 12, 2011

22 days to go!

Well, we've finally come to a financial agreement with the sellers of our new home. So at this point, we're waiting for the loan to be processed, and for our closing date, which is set for June 3rd.

To say I'm a little excited would be putting it absolutely, phenomenally, astronomically mildly.

BUT! I'm trying to keep a cool head about it all. We still haven't sold our current home, so we're hoping that will happen in the next month. But we're not freaking out or anything over it. We're lucky to be in a financial position to not have to freak out. Very, very lucky!

Ok, on to the new house! Here it is!
Dude, I'm already seeing myself wandering around that shallow end of the pool, holding a can of Bud Light, and trying my best to keep Jake out of the water!

The kitchen is a little country-fied, but still very pretty in my opinion. We have some changes we'll be making in the future, but for the time being, it's very livable.

This is the living room/great room off the kitchen.

That moose head up there above the fireplace? Will NOT be staying. We like the rusticness of the home...but not to a moose degree.

And here's the dining room. They have their table in there all askew, because of the way their chandelier hangs. We'll get rid of that thing, and put a round one up. And then put our dining table at a normal angle.

Here's the master bedroom...

The basement half-bath is the only bathroom that I really like, and will probably not make any changes to for a while. And of course here's a bar in the basement. I mean, heeelllooooo! Have you met me?And this is the family room in the basement. Great windows look out into the lower part of the backyard. We'll do most of our hanging out down here, we believe. Just as soon as we get that damned blue wallpaper off the walls and get them painted!There's space for an office, and for my workout equipment I'd like to have down in that basement, too. But I just don't have pictures of it.

We also have a guest suite with it's own bath upstairs, and then two additional guest bedrooms that share a bath. Or maybe my workout equipment will go up in one of those rooms...we aren't exactly sure yet.

I can't wait to figure it all out!


Average Jane said...

Love it! Congrats.

Christy said...

It's huge! Looks very nice. The pool will be welcome June 4 or so, I imagine. :-)

lyn said...

So awesome! I will have to find my way to KC for work so I can see it for reals. Miss you guys.

faithstwin said...

*floating in pool on giant floatie* Ummm, can someone get me my glass of cab? No? How 'bout some beer? *hands lazily dragging around* I have to at LEAST demand a Leo- specialty drink. (I prefer bloody mary's, btw.)