Monday, May 16, 2011

In the interest of NOT losing my mind...

(By the way, we got an offer on our house yesterday during an open house. I'll hopefully have more to update on that later this week. Keep your fingers crossed for us!)

With all the house searching and selling and cleaning and getting out so people can go through our stuff and going from the gym to open houses or to the puppy daycare place, and running, running, RUNNING...we barely have time to take care of ourselves lately.

And don't even get me started on how fucking tired we are! Leo's been managing to deal with all this house shit while he's also going through finals at school.

Can you say "stress"? Because we sure can!

Anyway, we haven't been going to the grocery store on a regular basis at. all. Like, it has fallen way down on the priority list, and it's been driving me CRAZY how often we have to eat take-out, or go to a restaurant.

So when the Twin told me about something she and my sister were doing out in California called Fresh Meals, or something like that, I decided to look into it here. I was thinking it was called "Healthy Meals" so that's what I searched on, and what do you know? I found it! :D

I think it was kind of in my head already, too, because I swear I read about it in a recent Fit KC magazine, or whatever it's called, while I was waiting outside my chiropractor's office for my adjustment.

Anyway, I checked them out, liked what it seemed to offer, and asked Leo if he was on board as well. He is! So I signed us up.

It is a bit expensive. BUT, for the convenience of having fresh, healthy meals delivered to my door every night the night before I'm supposed to eat them? It's fucking awesome right now. JUST what we needed. Also, they're completely portion controlling me. So I definitely won't be eating more than 1400 cals per day, and maybe, just maybe, I can finally get to losing this damned weight I'm carrying around right now. WOO!

Anyway, so far today I've had eggs with a slice of turkey bacon, and then a snack of edamame beans. My lunch is a turkey pastrami rueben sandwich, complete with the 1000 island dressing and the sauerkraut. YAY. And then I'll have an afternoon snack that appears to be some sort of tuna salad (without celery, because celery makes me GAG) and crackers, and dinner is a "fried" chicken breast (it's coated in something and then baked...looks yummy!) with mashed red potatoes and green beans.

I can also add a salad to my lunch, if I have non-fat dressing with it. Which I'm considering doing because I'm pretty hungry right now!

Anyway, I'll let you know how this goes. I'm excited about not having to worry about food for a while, dammit. Take one big thing out of the stress equation, and hopefully, things get a leetle bit easier...we'll see.


faithstwin said...

Yay! So, yeah, that is different than the one we use but it totally sounds like it's exactly the same concept. So far I have lost 4.5 lbs. I think I would have lost more if I didn't allow myself the few glasses of wine last week (and the weekend) as well as the few times I ate off the plan. I have found if I am super hungry at night (which is my usual binge time) I can stave off any cravings with a few Triscuits (literally: 3 or 4) and a pickle spear. Weird, I know, but it does the job for me.

Unfortunately I am completely pms-ing right now so this is gonna be a rough week I think.

Yay for fresh food delivery, though!

Faith said...

Yeah, the PMS thing would TOTALLY knock me for a loop! Thankfully, I only have it every 3 months. :D

The weird thing about this local Healthy Meals is that we have weekends on our own. They only do Monday - Friday, and then the stuff they sent this morning said that Saturday, they expect us to stay on our plan, but to do it on our own, and Sunday, we get 2 "free" meals where we can eat whatever we want, within reason and keeping the portion sensible. I like that it's integrating us in a way that keeps us actively involved in making good food choices. But I can see how that might be quite a pitfall for people who aren't ready to deal with meal planning on their own!

I'm hoping to lose at least 2 - 3 pounds this week. We'll see!