Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day in Chicago

We had a wonderful time in Chicago over the weekend, visiting with family and friends, and really getting ourselves all over that town, yo! We ate, drank, inadvertently harrassed the menonites, or whateverthefuck they were, in front of us at a Cubs game, and did our best to dodge the rain that plagued us for most of the weekend. It was more fun than it was a downer, though, surprisingly. I think that if you're the only person getting caught in a rain storm, it sucks. But when it's you, and about 1 million other people out in a deluge? It's just plain silliness.

I'll have pictures and more stories tomorrow. But today is catch up at work, and I haven't uploaded the photos yet, so I just thought I'd update quickly. Ta!


lyn said...

Um seriously? I was in Chicago Thur-Sat on my way back from Spain. I missed the rain so maybe you arrived after I left?

Faith said...

Yep! It started really coming down at about...2:30-ish, I'd guess? That was when we met up with our friends at the new Nordstrom Rack they just opened a few weeks ago, and grabbed mini-umbrellas that came in handy the rest of that day, and on Sunday. :D

It rained HARD on Sunday. No umbrella could save us from the deluge! I looked pretty...hahahaha!