Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A pitfall of being a twin...

The Twin is currently spending a fair amount of time sorting through around 23,567,435,847,157 photos that were previously housed in boxes stored in a back closet at our dad's house for the past 20 years. She says that some of the stuff she's come across have been classically funny, and I can't wait till she's finished and sends me my batch to sort through and reminisce over. SO. FUN!

Anyway, she sent me a text earlier with this photo attached and said, "Is this you or me?"

That is totally me. I remember the blue v-neck sweater and even the little flowery tank I was wearing under it very distinctly. My skin looks pretty clear, so must've been from when I was 17 or so, after I gave up dairy.

It was also clearly before I learned how to groom my eyebrows. WOW.

Anyway, this has always been a problem for us. Looking back at pictures of us as babies, or even little kids, I always have to ask our older siblings, "Which one is me?" I honestly have no idea. For example, I think I'm the one on the left in this photo...
...but I can never remember.

This is a shitty shot, but I'm pretty sure I'm the one on the rock. That one looks fatter to me, and that was about the age when we were beginning to be delineated between as the "chubby one" and the "skinny one". Yeah, I was the chubby one. Of course.

Anyway, once I get the box of photos from the Twin, expect more fun nostalgic shots to show up here for my very own show and tell. I fucking love old photos, dammit!

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