Thursday, May 05, 2011

So much weird, so little time...

So we had the inspection at the new house yesterday. All went pretty well. Found a few issues, but nothing that will make the house fall down 'round our heads. So we're pretty happy.

One of the issues discovered, though, was a leak that was relatively new, but was BAD. In one of the upstairs bathrooms. So the sellers got right to work figuring it out, and today I got a text from my agent about it.

"FYI. They r starting new bath restoration tomorrow on [the new] house. Could b remodel. Bottom line not something we will have to put on resolution."

I wrote her back saying, "Cool! Thanks for the update."

But then I thought about it a bit, and I updated with a text that said, "Just thinking about the possible remodel on that bath...should I be cool w/ that? What if they choose sub-par materials since they won't be the ones living there? :/"

She said she'd check into how they're handling it, and let me know.

I think I'm right about this, and so far people are agreeing that I should be concerned. But what does everyone think? And does anyone have any advice in this kind of situation? I mean, obviously, I want my agent to handle the particulars. But if they're tearing up a bathroom, I either want money to put it back together myself, or I want some amount of say in what they're going to put back in there. Leo and I will be the ones living with it for the next 20-some, yeah. Hrrmmm...

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faithstwin said...

Oh I say for sure they need to run stuff by you OR fix the problem then knock off money from the price so you can just redo it yourself. How big is this bathroom? It's not the master bath, right?