Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update on the house(s)...

We got a couple of offers on our house after an Open House we had on Sunday this past weekend.

We took the 2nd, higher offer (thereby pissing off the 1st offer couple, but they apparently don't understand how the whole negotiation thing works. Which makes them weird), and had the inspection done today. Hopefully, they won't have too many requests...the house is in decent shape, with the exception of the gutter on the back of the house. And we've already been planning on fixing that...we've been trying for weeks, actually! But it wasn't that bad initially, and all the contractors who came to look at it basically told us we were a waste of their time.

Um, thanks?

Now it's gotten to the point where the wood overhang has rotted too much, thanks to all the water damage from the gutter that those fuckers wouldn't fix for us. So instead of a $350 replace the gutter/patch some woodrot job, we now have a $1200 replace the gutter/replace the fascia/replace the soffit entirely job.

Sucks, but we're moving on, and getting into a new house, and so none of it matters.

Anyway, everything seems to be working out, for the time being.

Yay. :)

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