Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Want to know what Jeffers has been up to?

In the interest of maintaining my log of our paranormal activity around the house, and also because I know some of you guys like hearing about this stuff, I have Jeffers stories for ya.

For those who aren't familiar with who the hell I'm talking about, Jeffers is our house ghost. We believe he's actually the first owner of the home, whose name was Donald Geist. But a psychic I asked about the activity a few years back said his name was "Jeffy or Jeffers or Jeff-something", so we adopted the name Jeffers for him, and it's kinda stuck with us all this time. (I wonder if the psychic wasn't all that great of a psychic after all. Hmmm...)

Ok, so lately, he's gone back to the ol' trusty blue ball for his antics, mostly. We also found a small rock outside on our porch railing one day a couple of weeks back. We don't know if the lawn guys put it there when they were mowing, or what. But it appears to be a white quartz rock, and I thought it was pretty, so I brought it inside to show it to Leo. (Because I'm actually 10 years old.)

We set it on the counter one night before heading out to the Moose for drinks, and when we got home, it was on top of the door frame on the back door in the kitchen. We took it down, and put it back on the counter. And then Izzy (our oldest puppy) started barking her fool head off at something in the kitchen. Nothing was in our yard, or anything, so we assumed it must've been Jeffers, and tried our best to calm her down. Next thing I knew, the rock was gone again. Also, the blue ball had disappeared from the cupboard we're keeping it in (along with all the other dog stuff) while the house is on the market. I mentioned that to Leo, and we started to keep our eyes open for it.

The rock showed up on top of the fridge that night before I went to bed. I took it down because I didn't want it to freak Leo out in the morning when he got up, and then went to bed.

Leo wound up putting the rock into a bowl we have on top of our bookcase in the living room. I didn't like that, because I really prefer for things that the ghost is choosing to "play" with to be out in the open, so I can see when they get taken. IF they get taken, that is. So every time we left the house and returned, I would go over and shake the bowl to check and see if the rock was still in it. And it usually was. Took a couple of days before it disappeared from inside the bowl.

That night (Saturday, I think), the rock popped back up, this time in the window above the kitchen sink...a favorite place for Jeffers to put items he takes. We left it there. It seemed like a good spot for it.

The blue ball had been taken from inside the dog-stuff cupboard, though, and hadn't shown back up yet. I finally found my purse. ::sigh:: Funny old ghost!

Then, last Saturday, I found the ball settled in between the window above the sink and the blinds that cover said window. It was sitting on it's ridges between the two things, and it made me laugh so. hard. I tried taking pictures of it, but it was too difficult to photograph clearly. So I tried making a video, and being that I was mildly intoxicated at the time, the video turned out supah-stupid. So I don't have anything to show y'all exactly what I mean about it's positioning on the blinds and the window. Suffice to say, it was weird.

Ok, so it's been active lately, is my point. That all started around 2 weeks ago, and then on Monday, I was having a pretty shitty day. We had a showing fiasco at our house (Leo was working on a final project for his interior design class, so fabric, glue, and cardboard was EVERYWHERE, and someone called and wanted to show the house in 10 minutes. He had to ask them to come back in an hour. Of course, theye didn't come back. Because the agent was a douche. But whatever...anyway, it stressed. me. OUT.), and I was very unhappy, and it had been a bad people day all around (why are people so fucking DUMB?), so I wanted to go to bed early.

Then I noticed that the blue ball wasn't under the counter, and it wasn't in a little bowl on our kitchen table - which is another place we keep it from time to time - so I asked Leo where he'd put it. He said he hadn't touched it, and then asked me where I'd put it. I just looked at him, and he finally figured out...ooohhh. Since I was asking him where he'd put it, chances were, I hadn't put it someplace. Uh-DUH. ;)

And then I noticed the rock was gone from the window above the kitchen sink. HA!

So I went in to go to bed, and I was looking all over for both the blue ball and the little rock, and couldn't find either of them. And I said goodnight to Leo (he was staying up to continue working on his class project that was due on Tuesday), and I closed the bedroom door...

...and promptly got hit by the little rock! It had apparently been put on top of the bedroom door, and when I closed it, it got shoved off onto me by the door frame. Hahahaha! It hit my thumb though, and then hit the floor. So I said, "Ooooowww!" and then opened the door and said to Leo, "Found the little rock." He said, "Oh, is that what that noise was?" Yep. Sure was!

That was on Monday. The blue ball is still gone as of today. The little rock is hanging out in a candy dish we have in our bedroom for the time being.

So that's what's been up with Jeffers. He seemed like he was pretty pissed off about us moving for a while, but now he seems back to his old self. I really hope he comes with us to the new place. Really, really. ghost EVAR!

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