Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why are people so damned *weird*???

So we're working through the inspection process period on the sale of our current home right now, right? It's going pretty smoothly, because Leo and I have been good about maintenance, and replacing broken down old stuff, and all that kind of thing. But it was taking the buyers a while to come back to us with their repair requests, as the inspection actually took place last Thursday, and we still hadn't heard back from them last night.

My agent emailed the inspection report today. Nothing major is wrong. The front gutter is jammed, it looks like, so Leo needs to clean it and see what the problem is with it's draining on the south side of the house. No biggy. Also, we have what the inspector considers to be an odd set up for our gas line to the furnace. It's a flex line. He said it should be replaced with a solid pipe, like PVC, I guess. Ok, we can deal with that.

But then I got the request from the buyers on the inspection. They want us to deal with that flex line on the furnace.


And then instead of us dealing with the clogged gutter, they would like us to leave the rug in the living room, and the rug in the master bedroom.


Come again?

For the record, we're not talking about random rugs we've picked up at Target through the years as a space-filler of some sort in our rooms. We have those, too. But the ones they want? They're what I call "lifetime rugs". You don't buy them to just get rid of them again in 2 or 3 years. You buy them because you plan to have them for a long, loooong time. Like for 25 years. Or longer, if they last!

This is a shitty picture, but the one in our master bedroom is a 9x12 foot brown wool rug that matches our decor perfectly. It will match in the new house, too. It has a matching runner in the master bath. They cost me about half my monthly paycheck when I bought them a few years ago.

The one in the living room is made up of Flor tiles. It's not nearly as expensive as the one in the master bedroom, but still...we like it. We plan to take it with us.

That right there is what it looked like right after we installed it. Are we covering up a fair amount of imperfections in the wood floor with it? Kind of. But nothing too terrible. We wanted the change, more than anything else, when we installed it. Also, the dogs were leaving a mess on the wood floors every time they tromped back in from outside in wet weather of any type. The rug helped us absorb some of that mess. Because we're lazy, and we don't wanna clean up after them every cotton pickin' time they come back in from the back yard.

Anyway, I said no. Because to me? Cleaning a gutter and unjamming it is NOT EQUAL TO two high-quality, expensive rugs that I picked out and happen to love a lot.

I hope they still want the house after this.

But seriously, what is WITH people??? Buy your own damned rugs, yo! GOD.


Robert said...

Maybe you should just put price tags on everything and they can pick and choose what they'd like you to leave.

Seriously, though, buying a house can make people super-obnoxious.

Faith said...

Hahahaha! That isn't a bad idea! :D

emawkc said...

I see what you mean. Those rugs really tie the room together, man. Let's just hope that you don't get an offer from a couple of nihilists who just want to piss on them.

Old Fart said...

People pick the weirdest things to request when thinking about buying a house. As far as the gas line for your furnace, it has to meet city (or county) code. Most codes require black iron pipe to the shutoff (which should be next to or on the appliance), and flex hose to the appliance. Over the last three years, I've dealt with gas line issues, and had to completely repipe to my 3 appliances in the house.

Faith said...

See, that's what I thought, too, Old Fart! We had the new furnace put in 3 years ago. Of course it was done to code...so I don't really understand what this inspector was talking about. But we're going to get some contractor opinions before we move forward with it.

thedirtyknitter said...

Similar thing happened when we sold our 1st house.. The buyers wanted all our window treatments. We had had custom wood blinds installed throughout the house so obviously those were staying b/c they were custom to the old 1940s windows... But the wanted all our curtains & curtain rods too! Which matched our decor..not quite the investment rugs are but still not cheap...& they wouldnt let it go! THAT was the sticking point in the sale?! Just so weird. Ended up leaving them all..but just so weird.