Monday, June 06, 2011

And the day was going so well, too...

Shit. The appraisal on our house came in low.

Probably due to the fact that the appraiser is a fucking douche, but whatever.

Anyway, I'm waiting to hear back on how the buyers want to proceed. Hopefully, we can work something out. ::sigh::

And then at work, we have a new dude starting next week. I found a space for him to sit in, and felt pretty damned proud of myself for finding it, too! We're really tight on space right now, and are waiting for a big team to move out and make room for more of our team. But it won't happen until the end of June, probably. In the mean time, if I find an open cube, I snatch it up!

Well, the hiring manager just came over to my desk a little while ago, and told me that the cube I assigned the new hire to belonged to a dude that died quite suddenly a few weeks ago.

I hate to be callous, but I was all, "Um, well, it's an open cube!"

He asked if maybe I could find something else instead. I told him I'd do my best, but no guarantees! At the very worst, he'd only have to sit there for a week and a half or so before we do our move. Still, he's apparently uncomfy with the fact that this other guy's old team is still all around in that area, and is afraid of how they might feel with someone sitting there.

Totally understandable. But still...why today?

I need wine.

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