Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Breakdown achieved

It's 12 p.m. and I still don't have the boxes the mover promised me.

My stomach is churning constantly with the stress.

Leo is down at the new house trying to get at least one room ready for shit to be moved into it tomorrow.

I broke down and sobbed when I was on the phone with him a little while ago, and then my realtor was at my door and the dogs were going ballistic, so I went out onto the porch and cried at her for a little bit (and told her not to recommend the mover to anyone else because he sucks at life), and then came inside and calmed down.

And now I'm trying to figure out WTF I'm supposed to do next. My head is a jumble.

I cannot WAIT until this week is over.


Ryan the Girl said...

Just try to breathe. You can get boxes somewhere (Staples, Office Depot, etc) if they don't get them there when they're supposed to. And you can then give the movers hell (maybe wait until after they move your stuff so they're not tempted to "accidentally" drop your belongings!). And then you can drink wine.

Erin said...

It's gonna be ok. You'll get it done, it will suck, you can take your time unpacking, and you will be in your sweet new home!!

emawkc said...

My advice to you is to drink heavily.

Xavier Onassis said...

Two words: Banana boxes. You can get them FOR FREE at grocery stores and they are the best moving boxes in the world.

Seriously, why the obsession on boxes from the mover? You need boxes? Go get boxes. Problem solved.

faithstwin said...

Since Faith is a bit busy today I will go ahead and answer your question XO: because the boxes she was asking for were included in the price of the contract. And Faith WAS going to resort to buying her own boxes, but the mover finally agreed to drop the ones he promised to drop off over several days time once Faith said she would just deduct the price of the boxes she bought from his total at the end.

Her main point was: she is stressed. Incompetent mover added (with HUGE level of unnecessary) MORE stress. When someone says, "I'll be right over with that stuff I agreed to bring ya," do you go, "Well, they SAID they'd be over but I guess I can't believe them so I better just do whatever it is myself." Nope. You wait. And if they don't show? You call. Then they call back and now it's 8:30 p.m. and they say they'll be there, promise, early the next morning. Then they call you early that next morning and tell you it'll be another 5 hours before they can get you the shit they promised. And on and on. It's just frustrating. And banana boxes are gross. Just saying. They had FOOD on/in them. They can be good in some cases but not when you can get the REAL thing for the price you were already promised they were included in.

Faith should be back tomorrow or Friday- hopefully today but I doubt it.