Thursday, June 23, 2011

Does anyone else do stupid stuff like this?

So I have this tendency, now and again, to get lunch from someplace (usually Panera), and then after I'm done eating, I'll look up the calories and fat content on their website for the items I just shoved down my gullet.

MOST of the time, I look before I go.

But there are days, here and there, where I head out without a specific agenda. Today is such a beautiful day, I left the office to enjoy it a bit, and to go check out the sale at JC Penney, since we need some linens and bed coverings and things, and saw that it was just as awesome as I expected it to be. And then when I was done there, I thought about lunch.

Get a salad at the grocery store? Nah...not in the mood to deal with the salad bar today.

Mini-pizza from Schlotskys? reason. Just, no.

And then I thought, "OOH! Panera! Totally in the mood for them to make a salad for me." And went there.

They do have the calories for a lot of their items actually printed on the menu board now, I noticed. That was interesting. But I didn't notice it until I'd already begun ordering. So I looked up my calories just now, and I made a decent choice, really. (If I hadn't also eaten the hunk of bread that I chose as my side item. ::slaps back of own hand::)

Anyway, why do I do that? I guess I know now that I should take a walk this afternoon to help burn a few extra calories, right? ::sigh::

I'm weird.


emawkc said...

Back in October I downloaded the Android app for My Fitness Pal. (

It lets you look up and enter calorie counts for foods, and even scan barcodes with your phone for stuff you make at home.

Since then, I've dropped about 40 lbs.


Ms. Pants said...

I try NOT to do that. At least not if I've eaten there recently. Cos inevitably, I pick the thing on the menu that's 3985478123 calories. (Turkey Artichoke anyone?)

Faith said...

Hahahahaha! That turkey artichoke sandwich always calls my name. But I looked it up once, and figured out NO. I cannot eat it! I might as well give in to McD's/Five Guys cravings!!!

I have a Blackberry, Emaw. And I'm not much for apps. :/ I prefer eating moderately much of the time, allowing myself a treat now and then, and working out as often as possible. I feel pretty good. :D