Thursday, June 23, 2011

He's still on vacation! How *lucky* for him!!!

My mover is still on vacation, apparently.

I think he might be a little retarded.

He did not call me today, as promised. So I texted him to see what his next step would be. He apologized, but said he "didn't have anything scheduled" so his kid came down for the rest of the weekend.

I didn't know what that meant, really. So I told him we want our stuff. He said he could return it next Tuesday. I said we were going on vacation as of Monday, and I want the items tomorrow or Saturday. He said he was sorry, but no can do!

We went on like that for a little while. He kept giving me excuses as to why it's been a week and he hasn't given us the rest of our things, and I kept telling him that I don't accept excuses, and he needed to find a way to get those things into my hands. Here's part of that exchange:

"Joeb, you have ignored me/us before. Its not something I'd recommend you continue to do! Please tell me what you're doing to resolve this issue in the time frame I offered."

He wrote back, "I'm thinking."

And then I didn't hear anything for 45 minutes. So I texted him again, "Its been 45 minutes. Please advise."

And he said, "I have made calls, waiting to see if I can pull off a couple of favors. I'm waiting for a call back. That's about all I can do at this point."

I said, "If I don't have a confirmation of a time of delivery either fri or sat this week for our items by 3:30 p.m., I'm contacting the authorities. Just fyi."

And then I continued, "You can rent a truck from home depot to bring them back to us! You can rent a uhail, you can borrow a buddy's truck...I don't understand what the issue is! You have LOTS of options!"

And finally, it came out..."The issue is I'm still on vacation, I will not be delivering your items before I return. I have the keys to the storage & my crew is in arkansas."

And I said, "I knew it. You're still at the lake, even though you knew this was an issue all week long. I'm calling the bank to try to stop payment on the check, and I'm calling the police to see what they advise me to do in this situation. YOU HAVE OUR ITEMS that we PAID YOU TO MOVE to our new house. You are holding them illegally right now!"

He replied, in the middle of all that, "I have done nothing wrong and the authorities would let you know that. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you have a great vacation!"


I continued on, "This is no way to operate a successful business, joeb. Ignoring your customers, taking their items and not giving them back, leaving during the job to cash the check for payment, not completing the job after taking money for it...I'm going to the BBB next, and writing reviews everywhere I can. This is abominable!"

He wasn't responding, so I kept texting him, "I'm waiting for the police to call me back, btw. I'm telling them that I paid you for the contract as agreed, and you decided to keep several of our items. And we'll just see where it goes from there."

He finally said, "We both know I did not decide to keep your items. This is not uncommon in the moving industry. I'm on vacation & will resolve the matter when I return. Hope you have a great vacation too!"

Oh, fuck OFF, you moron!!!

I replied, "You're terrible at this moving thing, is all. TERRIBLE! I don't think you truly understand the concept of what your job is. If you're at the lake, you should be driving back right now to get us the items you have taken from us. This isn't common in the least. Not a way to run a business!"

So I spoke to the police, and their advice in this situation, especially since this jackwad tried to give us a box of stuff that didn't even belong to us, is to see if he can deliver the items after our vacation, as promised, and if not, then press charges against the company.

I then texted Joeb to let him know, "See, the issue is, you tried to give US a box of stuff that didn't belong to us. So how do I know you haven't done that with our items? And you're not just lying now? I've contacted the DA's office, and I can open an investigation into your business and its possible illegal practices, according to them. We get back from our vacation on July 4th. I will contact you that night to set up a time on the 5th for our items to be delivered. And if you fail to do that, I'm taking you to small claims court, and contacting the police to file a report."

I hope HE has a lovely last few days at the lake himself. Dumbass...


Ms. Pants said...

Did you stop payment? It makes sense to only pay him after the job is done.

However, I'd be surprised if the check hasn't already cleared.

Ms. Pants said...

Also, Yelp the holy living shit out of him.

faithstwin said...

I'm guessing it's too late to stop payment- which is why the small claims will get involved if necessary. What a tool to say the authorities won't do anything! He's in possession of items that do NOT belong to him. I know the cops won't make it high priority, but if he doesn't get that stuff back to you, in the condition they took it in, immediately after you get back? Dude, I don't envy anyone around him when you call/come into contact with him.

Man, bad business is so frustrating!

Faith said...

I called the bank...too late to stop payment. Sucks. Obviously, I was too nice to the guy all this time. I hope he's clear on the fact that I am DONE being nice now. He's a fucking moron, though, so who knows.

Nora said...

Whoa....Apparently I have a lot to catch up on. I have been lacking in my lurking skills as of late. But I can tell from this that your mover clearly sucks at life.

I'm going to go catch up, so prepare for random comments throughout the next few days. Happy vacation!