Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If you hadn't noticed...

...I'm pretty much sapped for content right now. I'll go ahead and post a letter I wrote to my realtor last week about our experience with the mover she recommended to us, since it kind of explains the bit o' hell we've been dealing with, in one regard anyway, and since it's informative and somewhat entertaining, I'd think. You know, to people who don't have to deal with this kind of incompetence, anyway...

Hi Elizabeth! Well, we moved to our new house successfully, and are still getting things fixed up, but man…it is SUCH an awesome feeling to be pretty much done with it all. THANK YOU for everything you and your office did to help us achieve our goals with our new house and our old one. You were amazing and obviously, we couldn’t have done it without you.

I wanted to give you some additional feedback about our experience with [Mover Dude] at [redacted, for the time being], though. Just for future reference.

We finally received the additional boxes we’d been asking for for two weeks after I arrived home at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday night, the night before our scheduled move. As I explained to you, [Mover Dude] said that it is his plan to change the part of the contract that says anything about providing moving supplies, but I have to admit, it was one of the reasons we chose to work with him. If he takes that option away from folks, he should pack it in and move on to a new career. Here are some reasons why:

When he realized that they wouldn’t be able to fit all of our items into the truck he’d rented for the move, and would have to make a 2nd trip, he said something to Leo about “going ahead and doing that for us” since he’d been so much trouble with the boxes. I’m sorry, but it was his own damned fault that he didn’t rent a truck large enough to handle our furnishings, so for him to say that? Let’s just say it didn’t set things off on the right foot.

He brought along two other men, and one woman to help with the move. The woman was really nice. But she was wearing flip flops and short shorts. She was moving our items in that outfit. On stairs in our house that were covered in tarps due to construction. It was a little unsettling.

They arrived at the new house at about 12:30 or 12:45, and we took care of payment right off the bat. At about 2:30, [Mover Dude] left in the middle of moving the items out of the truck (Leo took over for him) to go deposit my check at the bank. Can you picture my shocked face? Because it’s what I’m wearing right now.

After he returned, they finished our first batch of the move by moving the large bookcase we had in our living room. It somewhat conveniently comes apart into a top and bottom half. When they took it apart, they didn’t prepare for the upper doors on the unit to fall off. And they both hit the floor of the truck with one panel of glass shattering in the process.

We discovered while [Mover Dude] was gone that we had a “mystery” box (it was unlabeled by us, and was labeled “sewing room” by someone that had used it before. But we labeled all of our boxes clearly, so we didn’t know what was up with it), and also found that one of the two wardrobe boxes that we packed for storage back in April was not on the truck. The mystery box turned out to belong to someone else. And I have no idea where our other wardrobe box is at. [Mover Dude] didn’t really say anything about finding it when we told him it wasn’t there.

And then he left. Apparently, a guy that had been working for him previously, a 17 year old, was in a motorcycle accident last week, and he and his girlfriend (the one in the flip flops) were going to go see him in the hospital. He gave the remaining two guys instructions for how to drive the truck, and what to pick up and stuff in the 2nd batch at our old house, and told me that because of the trouble, and the breaking of the bookcase, he had instructed them to go ahead and pick up the planters and other outdoor items of Leo's that he had previously said they weren’t going to move for us.

So, they were going to move items that belonged to us? Like movers are supposed to do??? Gee, THANKS.

When the guys got back to the new house with the 2nd load of items, they backed into a tree branch on one of our trees over on the driveway side of the house. Broke it. They clearly didn’t know how to drive the truck. And hell, I’VE driven a truck that size before LOTS of times for moves. I could have done it for them, for chrissakes.

He’s a moron, Elizabeth. The guy isn’t professional at all. I still don’t know where my missing wardrobe box is (it’s full of winter clothes, but has my really nice coats and stuff in it!), and I’ll be surprised if my broken pane of glass from my bookcase is going to get fixed without me bugging the shit out of him.

That’s all done and over, though, and I WILL be bothering [Mover Dude] to find out where our missing wardrobe is, and how he plans to fix the pane of glass they broke. But I wouldn’t recommend him to my worst enemy.

Now that we’re all done with the move, though, we’re working on fixing up the house. Hopefully we’ll have it done in the next few days, and you have to come over and see it once we have all the lighting and the furnishing and everything put together. I’ll let you know when it’s all ready to go!

In the meantime, thank you thank you thank you! It was really fun working with you, and I hope we weren’t too huge of a pain in the ass for ya!

Follow up on the Mover Dude: I sent him a text last Thursday that said, "...when will we get our missing items? We r missing that one wardrobe, and just realized we only have 2 kitchen chairs. And what's the plan for fixing the bookcase?"

He didn't reply. Shocking.

I called him on Friday, and left him a follow up message. Which he, again, didn't reply to.

On Saturday, I texted him again: "...I would like a reply from u about our mising items (which we also noticed a CD stand that's gone as well) and our broken glass. Please advise."

FINALLY, he responded: "I'm sorry, I'm at the lake. I will be back on Wednesday. I know exactly where your items are & I will be calling you on Thursday." I replied, "Awesome. Thanks."

Who wants to make bets that I don't hear from the guy without calling him myself tomorrow???

Fucking stupid, dammit. We were dumb, too. Should have kept a detailed list of everything he took to storage. We were just so busy with wanting to get the house ready to be put on the market and all...we got stupid with it. Grrrrrr! Never. again.


Ms. Pants said...

When he doesn't call tonight, call him tomorrow and threaten to get lawyers involved. If he doesn't jump, get lawyers involved.

Faith said...

My real estate agent texted me last weekend that she was afraid he'd lost my stuff, and didn't want to tell me. But that was before he texted me back, assuring me that he knew exactly where our things were.

I'll be PISSED if he lost our shit. BUT, the chairs can be replaced (by him!) through Crate & Barrel. He can just reimburse me for the other stuff. This is all assuming that he actually did lose the items. I'm still trying to stay positive that he has them somewhere.

How does this guy stay in business, I wonder??? Fucking ridiculous...

GB, RN said...

After all this is said and done, you should post reviews and Yelp or whatever forums so others don't use this moron. The fact that he took your check and split before the job was done was a HUGE red flag to me. I've used movers before, and the money changed hands after the move was completed. Had it been me, I would have called the bank to ask them to hold the check until the services were rendered to your satisfaction.

How some people manage to stay in business boggles my mind.