Monday, June 13, 2011

I'll do what I can to not lose my mind this week...

This is the week we move into our new house. And leave the old one.

- The mover hasn't given us the boxes we've been requesting for 2 weeks. We need more boxes! I just spoke to him about why I didn't get them as promised on Saturday morning, and he told me that the guy driving the truck stopped to fuel up, and put in regular gasoline instead of diesel. In a diesel engine.


So that kind of fucked things up that day. And then he told me that he needs to work in a better part of the contract about not dropping off extra boxes after the first drop. Um, no? I'm paying you $3000 to move my ass, and you will bring me more boxes when I realize that you didn't give me enough in the 1st place, asshole. That's what it means to provide a "moving service"! Jeezy chreezy on a cracker...

- The new house has had almost all the popcorn ceilings scraped off. Just not in the great room because the vaulted ceilings require scaffolding (is that how that's spelled? I dunno...) to reach them, and the dude with the scaffolding didn't make it down last week, so now they aren't starting until today, and oh, WE MOVE IN ON WEDNESDAY.

I just told my girlfriends that it's like an HGTV remodel show came in, tore everything up, and then left one contractor behind to fix it all again. And we have 24 hours left.

I'm mildly stressed. That's all.

- Leo gets home tonight, and we'll get back to packing, and then wait for more boxes to arrive (even though my expensive mover didn't want to give them to us, apparently. Which would have been good to know around, oh, I don't know...TWO WEEKS AGO when we started asking for them!), and then pack some more.

I can't wait till this is all done, y'all. I'll take pictures of the mess, so you can see what I mean. Oh, and I have a final walk-through with the buyers at our house on Wednesday afternoon, after we move out. I'm just not looking forward to that. ::sigh::

And today is the anniversary of my mother's death. Vunderbar.

I need a margarita. A big, strong one, yo...


faithstwin said...

I keep thinking "I would really like to down a couple bottles of wine right now..." but its like the minute I think that the thought is gone (and besides, that would be terrible for me to do, I know.) Today marks 3 weeks since I last had a glass of wine and I swear it's freaky as shit because I do not miss it at all. Dammit-all-Dad coming to me in a dream telling me I should stop. He fucked it all up!

Hang in there. I'll try and not call you with my personal shit as much as I can handle. You know I would come and help if I lived within 100 miles of you. Or, maybe 30 or 50 miles, probably. Anything more than that I get lazy.

Faith said...

Well, am I wrong? Is $3000 actually a pretty good deal for a mover? He did store our stuff for "free" for the last couple of months while we had our house on the market. (We got 3 months for free when we use him for our move.)

I dunno. It's been a while since I moved. And the last couple of times, I rented a truck and did it all myself with the help of friends. Am I the asshole here? Am I getting a really good deal, in actuality?

And dude, you can call me with your personal shit all you want. If I don't answer, I'll call you back. Not to worry!

Nuke said...

Good luck with the move. I don't know if you're getting a good deal or not as I have never paid.

And my best to you twins, Leo, and the girls on this day.