Friday, June 17, 2011

It happens around Father's Day, too.

So around Mother's Day, I told y'all about my tendency to respond (internally) to the influx of emails and other items that are reminding us all that A WOMAN GAVE BIRTH TO YOU. CELEBRATE HER, DAMMIT!!! You know, 'cause that's kinda hard to forget without the reminder.

So the same thing happens around Father's Day, but not as's just been too short of a period of time since I lost dad, and my brain doesn't work that way all the time when it comes to him, yet. Give it about 5 years. And then he'll get the same irreverent mocking from my brain that mom does. It's only fair!

Today, I got an email from Pizza Hut saying to "Make Dad proud" and take advantage of some $15 pizza offer they had. I deleted it, but not before my brain said, "Man, do you NOT know my dad! Dude thought pizza was nothing more than a snack, and also, he wouldn't be all that proud of me eating it, I don't think. ::looks down at belly::"

He's still in the forefront of my mind almost all the time. Even if it is sometimes in a judgy way. It wouldn't be him without the teeny tinge of judgement!

I miss him. Best dad in the world...

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