Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Move is Over

Jake is trying to adjust to the new place...
The rest of us are, too. We're out of our old house, not without a fair amount of difficulty from the mover, who really could only be described best as a total idiot. But they only broke 1 glass panelled door, lost one wardrobe full of winter clothes that was in storage, backed into one tree, and tried to give us a box full of stuff that didn't belong to us. But one broke a leg or neck while they were walking down the basement stairs BACKWARDS with a desk in their hands. (Just the one dude. Not one dude on one end, and another dude on the other end. Just one. Walking backwards. Down some steps. Carrying a large item. Awesomeness.) So I guess it was a success? ::sigh::

I'm tired. And I look oh, so pretty. BUT I'm at work, in a clean environment. Without the stress of having to deal with contractors or anything. PHEW.

I'll follow up with pictures from the new place soon. Just have to get the computer set up and all so I can download them. Maybe tomorrow...

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