Thursday, June 09, 2011

Something that cheers me up!

I drove past the new Trader Joe's location down at 119th and Roe the other day, and the SIGN IS UP! I cannot WAIT for them to open. WOOHOO.

In other news, we salvaged the sale of our home by giving in to the fucking insanity of the buyers. We were both just sick over the thought of it all...them walking away, us having to maybe go through all that again, not having the money from the sale like we expected, etc, we just fucking gave up. We're moving on.

I feel much better today. Even though it was pretty shitty what they did to us. I almost feel bad subjecting our awesome neighbors to them, because obviously, they're made of evil, and don't really care about human beings other than themselves. But that's ok. I'm trying to let it all go.

And also, somehow, all that crazy helped me lose 2 pounds yesterday, so, yeah. Whatever.

I have subtle plans for ways to get back at them. Nothing that will get us in trouble, of course. But plans all the same. ;)

Today, I'm going to enjoy an afternoon of Royals baseball that my boss is treating a bunch of his team to. And try not to think about people being assholes. So tired of people just sucking the life out of me...


Average Jane said...

Just ask Jeffers to inflict a little payback. I'll be he'd be happy to oblige.

Faith said...

Oh believe me...I have been telling him that kind of thing all week. :D

Even if that does make me sound even crazier than usual. I don't care. This has just been a shitty experience all around, so a bit of crazy should be expected and allowed, IMO.