Friday, June 24, 2011

You didn't think it would end THERE, did ya? Naaahhh...

So with regards to this moron mover guy that I'm dealing with...the other day, I showed y'all an email I sent to my realtor as a back up of my recommendation to her that she stop recommending him as a mover.

And then yesterday, he and I were "discussing" his possession of our stuff, even though we've paid him for the move, and we should have received all of our items last week. He doesn't seem to think he's done anything wrong. Leo and I would beg to differ.

The police suggested that I not let him brush me off. That I continue to text him/try to contact him by phone until he agreed to deliver our items on a date that we gave him as an option. Not a problem! I can do that. :D

So last night, I was texting him to let him know that the damage to our bookcase is much more extensive than just a pane of glass needing to be replaced, but actually both top sliding doors were damaged, and need to be repaired by a cabinet expert. I told him I would be getting an estimate for the repair costs from a cabinet maker I trust and know.

He replied, "We will be going through my insurance to fix any and all claims. Thank you & Have A Great Vacation!!"

Suddenly, my Great Vacation is a book title, or something. Who knows...

Anyway, that pissed me off. I continued on with my texting him info saying, "We also went to grill last night, and found that the moving crew decided to move the grill with the propane attached. It tipped over, and opened the line. Which emptied our tank. And the grill cover has two holes in it, which were not there prior to the move. The grill cover needs to be weatherproof, so that needs to be replaced. Please stop telling me to have a "great vacation". Its condescending, and really dismissive. I'm tired of u treating me like I'm troubling YOU, when you have caused me so much undue stress! Its beyond rude!"

I continued, "Going through your insurance huh? Funny how I didn't hear anything about that until I contacted YOU about the issues! I wonder how long it will be before I actually have a fixed cabinet if I let you handle the issue!?"

He didn't respond to any of that. Not that I expected it.

So this morning, I sent a follow-up, just to wake him up and make sure he knew I wasn't going away yet. I said, "I'd like to know if you agree to my request for you to deliver our items on July 5th, please. I'll contact you on the 4th to find out a time for the delivery."

No response, so an hour later I said, "Please advise on the July 5th delivery of our items."

He replied, "Call me on the 4th."

I said, "I will do that, in order to set up the delivery time for the 5th. Please confirm that you will deliver our items on the 5th."

He replied (you guys are gonna love this!), "I'm going to confirm that I'm not working or dealing with any work while I'm on vacation with my daughter. I will look forward to your call on the 4th. Thank you."

Do you hear that banging sound? Yeah, it's my head on my desk.

So I wrote back, "Unbelievable. You don't actually know if you have our items, do you? I'd like confirmation of their delivery on the 5th, please. You should be able to do that, if you were initially planning to bring them on the 28th. Since you're not giving me an answer, I'm assuming you don't have my items."

No response.

I continued, "If you can confirm a delivery date of July 5th, then I will not contact you again until the 4th, at which point we can arrange a delivery time. Otherwise, I will continue to attempt to contact you."

No response.

I wrote again 45 minutes later, "If you don't confirm the fact that you will be delivering the remainder of our items on July 5th, I will assume you do not have them, and will just go to the courthouse on the 5th instead to file my small claims suit against you. Please advise on whether you will be delivering them on the 5th or not."

And then I said, "I'll remind you that YOU are the one who took off on vacation before completing our move. None of this is my fault. I had no idea you would be unavailable for over a week after our move. So please stop ignoring me, and respond to my questions, sir."

No response.

So I continued, "Joeb, my request is a simple one to manage. Will you be delivering our items on July 5th? Yes or no?"

Finally, he responds...shockingly, with excuses and more bullshit about his fucking vacation! "I was away from my phone because I'm on vacation. I will look forward to your call on the 4th about the 5th. Once again I am going back to the water. Talk to you then. Thank you."

::tears a phone book in half to vent frustration::

I reply, "I've asked you a very specific question that you aren't answering. Are you going to deliver our items on the 5th? If not, then I will be pursuing a different route of contact with you, specifically through the use of a summons to court. Please advise! Will we receive our items??? Why is this so hard to answer?"

Finally!!! He answers the question. ::fist pump:: "Yes! I will talk to you later. I'm on vacation [::tearing into 2nd phone book::] & not concerning myself with work anymore until I return. Thank you & Have a Great Vacation yourself!"

I couldn't let it go without responding to his mutherfucking stupidass excuses and dumbassery about his vacation, though. "I don't know if you noticed, but you didn't really concern yourself with work when you weren't on vacation. Thanks for FINALLY answering my question. I'll be in touch."

Game. Set. MATCH.

Anyone have a margarita I can down in 2 seconds???


Muddy Mo said...

Your restraint is admirable.

Fred Sanford said...

You are a little piece of Americana

faithstwin said...

Ok, I need Fred to explain...

Ohhh the wrath that will come down! You better not disappoint me twin- that's all I have to say.

Nora said...

oh...someone's gonna get it **giggles**

Is it bad that I can't wait to read what happens when that douche canoe gets back????

Nuke said...

Does anybody besides me take yesterday's silence as meaning this isn't over with a happy ending?