Friday, July 29, 2011

Want updated pictures of the new house?

I just realized, while I was trolling for cocktail tables all over the internet this afternoon, I haven't posted any updated photos of the new house in a while. I'm sorry! I think it was because I tried posting about the Hawaii trip a couple of weeks ago, and the photos would post, but the words wouldn't, and I got frustrated with it all together for a while.


That said, THIS is one of the lovely pieces of art that was left behind by the previous owners:
It's in a guest bedroom upstairs that we call "the wolf room." Twin will get to sleep in there with it in a couple of weeks when she comes to visit. Twin, we also installed speakers in there so that we can play "night forest music" which includes an occassional howling from a wolf! Neat, huh?


(Ok, ok...Leo painted over the wolf yesterday. And the Twin can sleep in whatever guest room she wants to. But the wolf room should be an awfully quiet one! Also, we will always call it "the wolf room." Forever and ever.)

When we were searching out lighting for the new great room area, Leo came across a page in a Room & Board catalog that had this chandelier in it:
He fell in love, and I really liked it, too. It went well with the table we'd picked out, and it was perfectly priced, IMO. I managed to find it on, when I was searching for the other light that he wanted for over the staircase. Because I'm awesome like that. :D Here's that chandelier, by the way:

It looks so cool in our house, guys! I don't have a better picture of it than this, but here it is!

Ok, so the dining table and chairs arrived last week. And after they delivered them, Leo took a picture and sent it to me right away:

My response was something along the lines of, "That looks like a conference table in my office. :( "

I didn't have to wait long before he sent me an updated picture that looked much better. When I got home, I took some photos in person with a digital camera, rather than the phone. See? Better, right?
I know that our taste in furnishings isn't the same as a lot of peoples', but those chairs were not only chosen for their looks (we like them, anyway), but also because we could see people sitting in them for long periods of time, and not getting uncomfortable. They're pretty fucking awesome, according to my ass.

Aside from the furnishing of the home, we have done a lo-hoooot of painting. I only helped minimally. Leo has been painting pretty much as a full-time job since we moved in, with the one vacation week in Hawaii as a break. The basement was the space I helped in. And it turned out FABulously. We still have a little clean-up/warming up to do in the space, but we really love the way the walls turned out:

It's been a lot of hard work. This weekend will probably be the first weekend in several where I actually need to go to the gym to get a workout in over Saturday and Sunday! But it's been well worth it. God, do we love this house!

I'm confused...

Why the hell is there a movie about the Smurfs being made now? Has that cartoon even been on TV at all since the 80's? I mean, seriously, I don't know. So let me know if it's actually continued on and Gargamel is still harassing Papa and all the other smurfs for whatever reason he chooses from week to week...

There are people in an office not far from my desk that are having an apparently immensely funny conversation/meeting, and it is driving me up the mutherfucking WALL. I'd like to head out and start happy hour now, please.

(That seems like it's an oxymoronic issue, doesn't it? That someone is so happy, and it's making me want to leave to find my happiness elsewhere? I know...I'm weird.

But honestly, I want to go poke my head in there and say, "Um, can you shut the fuck up, please?" And I know that'd be the wrong thing to do. I think the only right thing would be to finish up work, and head home early...)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How do you deal with the stupid? Please, give me advice...

I'm having a hard time dealing with a stupid person right now. I can't go into specifics, but honestly, I'm wondering how this person is able to maintain a job being as stupid as he apparently is.

I don't have to deal with him face to face, so maybe that isn't helping. I'm not sure.

But seriously...after a certain amount of time of having to deal with someone who is

(a) responding slowly to your email requests for help
(b) responding with totally irrelevant information once they DO get back to you
and (c) slowing down a process that affects other people in a negative manner

what do you do? Contact their boss? Tell them outright that they're affecting your productivity, and they need to step things up a bit? Or do you just deal with it, and move on because you DO have other shit you have to do, after all...?

The stupid is getting me down, basically. I HATE the stupid.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New talents are tough to find at 37.

I discovered today that I can fall asleep in a waiting room at a car dealership while waiting for my car to be worked on. (And then wake up in a room full of other people waiting, too, by the way. WHOOPS! Hope I didn't snore!)

It helped that MSNBC was on, I think.

I used to have trouble falling asleep anywhere other than in bed, or in a nice sunbeam on the living room floor after church on a Sunday.

Thanks to the help of my pal xanax, I was able to sleep pretty well on the plane out to Hawaii and back this last trip.

But I didn't even have xanax today! I was just tired, so I fell asleep!

Wait...does this mean I'm getting old? OOH, maybe I'll go through menopause soon, then, too! ::crosses fingers::

Monday, July 25, 2011

This is a likely sign that I'm losing it, y'all.

I think my desk at work is haunted.


I came in today, and noticed that a couple of hats that I usually keep on a top shelf were moved to another shelf over the weekend.

And just now, I realized that a gift that was given to me once by an intern a couple of years ago was upside down in it's spot. (It's a bomber plane built out of water bottles, taped together, that has dry-erase markers as "X-Bombs" attached to each side, balancing it all out.)

I'm going to keep an eye on things for the next few weeks, but yeah...something is up here. O_o

Friday, July 22, 2011

The curse of the apple-shaped body finally comes into play.

It finally happened. One of my coworkers clearly thought I was pregnant, and started asking me how I'm feeling, and how I'm dealing with all this heat, and the feet swelling and stuff...and then started talking about how being pregnant in the dead of summer is definitely one of the more difficult things to have to deal with.

So that was my clue that she thought I am not just fat...that I must have another person in this dress with me, or something.

I started talking about how my twin had her babies in the summer, too, and I know how crazy it can be to be late term in July!

She said something about how she timed one of her kids perfectly, and had her in nice walks in June were an option, and that was just a perfect time, in her opinion.

And as we were finishing up our respective tasks (I was getting water, she was getting coffee), I said, "Well, since I never plan on having any kids, I don't ever have to worry about any of that stuff! Hahahaha!" And she said, "Oh yeah...totally!" And laughed along with me.

I hope she doesn't feel too embarrassed. It's not her fault God blessed me with this apple shape.

Or that I chose to wear an empire-waist maxi dress to the office today. (It's hot as fuck out. Sorry...I'm dressing as classy as I can without lighting myself on fire.)

Anyway, it was funny. ::sucks in stomach::

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My blog hates me and my Hawaii photos, just FYI.

I tried posting a new post yesterday, twice, that had some additional photos from Hawaii in it, because they were fun and they put me in a good mood to look at.

But neither post went through. It's just sitting in my dashboard, taunting me with the photos, but continually erroring out and losing any word content I add each time. Fucking frustrating, man!

I know I said I wouldn't update on the mover situation anymore, but I just heard something interesting and kinda funny that I thought might be interesting and kinda funny to you all as well. My realtor texted me just now to ask if we lost a set of golf clubs in our move with Joeb. I said no...we don't golf. And she replied and said that he delivered three sets of clubs to another client of hers, and they don't belong to her. That other client thinks he might be on drugs.

I wouldn't doubt it.

I told her that while we're still waiting for some art that is missing (2 paintings that the Twin did back when we were in high school...), and a couple of boxes, we aren't holding our breath.

I'm still in weekly contact with him, just checking to see if he's found the art, or anything else, and to let him know that I have had the doors from the bookcase repaired, and because we did it through a company that we've worked with before and will be working with again really soon, they did it for free. I thought maybe that kind of news would be helpful with him maybe looking a little harder for my art that I really, really wish he hadn't lost.

We'll see.

The end of the week is almost here! I cannot wait to pass out tomorrow night, and not have to wake up again until after 9 the next day. WOOHOO!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh hello, downhill! It seems you've already met my day...

So apparently, Almeta's daughter isn't planning any service or funeral for her mom.


This makes me a wee bit mad. But I'm going to see if I can meet up with our friend Jim, and get something planned all the same. Hell, even if we have a send-off of some kind at the Moose for her, it's waaaay better than absolutely NOTHING! Right?

I think I'm right.

Maybe I'll have a whiskey sour in her honor. Gotta do it Almeta-style, though. She could make one last for about 2 hours by adding ice to it as it got low, and the original ice began to melt. So. CUTE.

Aside from all that, I'm having a relatively productive week. Leo and I painted our basement starting on Sunday. Well, to be fair, I helped on Sunday, and he finished it yesterday while I was at work. It was a little ridiculous with the paint fumes in the house, so we learned a lesson there (um, don't paint your basement when it's 100 degrees outside in the shade, DUH), but it looks sooooo much better! As soon as the fumes have subsided enough for me to be in there for longer than 2 minutes, I'll take pics and get them loaded on the computer to share.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Definitely the oldest friend I've ever had...

One of my favorite people in the world passed away yesterday morning. She was our oldest friend, literally, in the sense that she was born in 1917. So she was 94, y'all. That hadn't stopped her from coming in to the Blue Moose for a drink, almost daily, for the past 7 years that I've known her!

Ok, well...given, she was only in her late 80's when I met her. But still...

Her name was Almeta Wilcher. When I first met her, she was a regular at the Blue Moose, driving around from one favorite hang out to another in her big, maroon sedan. She would show up at the Moose at about 3-ish each day, after she was done getting some food at Waid's down the street. She'd have whiskey sours, and tip the bartenders $1 each time they made her one. She would sit on a barstool next to the rest of our little group, and tell stories about her last cruise she was on, or what it was like the first time she saw the Pacific ocean.

She was repetetive after a while, but she was such a lovely person, it was hard for me to hold that against her, really. It was like a 20 year old was trapped inside that 80 year old's body, and it just wanted to keep on being one of the crowd!

We didn't mind. We'd listen to her stories, and try to help her with her crossword puzzles (she did them all the time...said it kept her mind young and helped her from going senile), and watch after her when she showed up late for another round.

These last couple of years, she was slowing down a bit. She had to move in with her daughter instead of continuing to live in her own home she'd shared with her husband for many years. Our friend Jim started driving her to and from the Moose for her daily visits, because she had finally gotten beyond the age where she was comfortable driving herself. I counted on seeing her every Saturday when we were in there, though, and over the last few months, she hadn't been in all that often when we were there.

I asked Jim if she was doing ok. And he said she was. And then last month, the bartenders told us that she'd been in and out of the hospital, and was living in an assistance home. So I got the address of the home from Jim, and planned to go and visit as soon as we could get out there.

Unfortunately, with the move, and then vacation, time got away from us. Just yesterday, I was thinking about how we really needed to find time this week to go see Almeta, and make sure she was comfortable and didn't need anything.

And then this morning, before I walked out the door to head to the gym, I saw the email one of the bartenders at the Moose had sent me. He was letting me know that Almeta passed away Sunday morning, in case I hadn't heard yet.

I hadn't.

There's a part of me that is really, really sad that Almeta is gone. I wish she could tell me the story again about how she used to do Mrs. Russell Stover's hair each week back when she was a beautician in downtown Kansas City. And after her appointment each week, when Mrs. Russell Stover gave her her quarter tip, she would go out and grab a hotdog for lunch. It was her weekly treat to herself.

I wish she could show us the picture of her on Santa's lap on the one cruise she took during Christmastime a few years back. She was just so cute about her giddiness when it came to that photo!

I wish she could tell me again about how she and her friends tried to brew beer in her basement when she was 17, in Wellsville, KS. It didn't go so well, and one of the kegs blew up. Kinda ruined the whole keeping-it-a-secret-from-the-parents plan they had in place!

Almeta was basically awesome. She's what everyone might hope to be like when they get old and gray and a bit bent over in the shoulder. She always found something to compliment me on...she loved this one ratty old Gap sweater I used to wear a lot, because it was a knitted sweater, and she just thought it was so pretty on me! She loved my hair color. And the fun rings I would wear to the Moose.

She always had a lovely manicure on her hands. She kept her nails long, and she liked them red. And when she had a new jacket on, and we all noticed and complimented her on it, she hummed more to herself than usual in her happiness about it. (She was a hummer. It was cute, though, not annoying!)

I like to think that she's free now. That spirit was so young and so bubbly and so nice...and now she's free of the body that was holding her back from being able to truly be as social as she possibly could be. I can't help but wish that she'll find us in our new house, and drop by for a while. :) But I know that's just crazy talk.

Just the way Almeta liked it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's like a game of ping pong inside my head.

Today sucks just a lil' bit. First of all, I have my stupid, useless, don't-need-it-so-time-to-make-it-stop! quarterly period right now. I hate it. Always have, always will. It's DUMB.

I know I sound like a child about it, but's so unneccessary when it comes to me, seeing as I don't ever, ever, ever, EVER want to have children, that it drives me crazy that I still have to get it even just 4 times a year. My options for stopping it permanently are shitty, so I just have to wait around until my body decides it's menopause time, and God knows when that will happen! Probably, with my luck and karma, I'll have happy ready-to-reproduce organs that will keep on ticking till age 75! ::sigh::

*whispers to lady parts* Please don't keep on ticking till age 75. Please.

So today sucks for that. And then there was the whole stepping in dog shit in the bathroom this morning when I got up to go to the gym at 4:25 a.m. And then not noticing I'd done it, due to the sleep haze I was in, and tracking it all over with me until I saw what had happened about 30 seconds later. THAT was fun.

And now...NOW my body wants chocolate*. But my brain wants me to resist that urge because it knows that I don't need the chocolate. But then another, more evil part of my brain says, "Well, come on now. When was the last time you even HAD chocolate?" And the non-evil, more reasonable part of the brain says, "Last Saturday. Dumbass." And the evil part says, "Yeah, but did you have your period last Saturday? I THINK NOT. Eat the chocolate...enjoyyyy the chocolate...roll around in the chocolate and tell it you loooove iiiiiit..." And while the more reasonable side of the brain does not think that rolling around and talking to chocolate in the office is such a good idea, it's starting to side with the evil side that says to just go buy some already!

Do men know how fucking lucky they are? DO THEY? I sure hope so.

*This is completely and totally unrelated to the stepping-in-shit issue from this morning, btw. Stepping in Jake's shit did NOT make me want chocolate. Not at all. In fact, I couldn't eat for a good 2 hours after I'd finished cleaning up. And I'd already been up for 4 hours and had a strenuous workout by that time! So, yeah. The chocolate thing and the shit thing are two totally unrelated parts of my day.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I know this only adds to my oddness, but...

...some days, it hits me that I work at a place that I had set my mind on working at oh so many years ago when I moved back to Kansas City. It took me around 4 different admin stints elsewhere, and approximately 8 years to get to it, but I finally made it here.

And I got lucky enough to be able to work for a couple of the coolest bosses I've ever known, to boot!

Seriously, how weird is that?

*This mushiness about work is brought to you all by the power of a day dream in a staff meeting I had about an hour ago. Ironic, no? :D

Monday, July 11, 2011

Release the nuns!

Man, I am LOUD when I'm racing nuns!

Friday, July 08, 2011

What a week, eh?

Ok, y'all are tired of the mover stories, and you know I am. So we'll just be done with that now. I'm going into silent mode with him, and I will with you guys too about it after this!

All I'm saying is that people who judge the situation from afar don't have the proper perspective on it. That much is clear to me. I can write a novel in here about why we hired the people we did, and why we made the decisions the way we did, but I don't really want to. Suffice it to say, selling a house is stressful. Buying a house is stressful. Doing both of those things within 2 weeks of each other? Yeah, it's awesome and all. But DAMN.

NEVER again. Never.

Dudes, I am so glad it is Friday.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Head? Meet desk. Desk? *BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM!*

Some excerpts from the emails that have transpired since yesterday.

(I'm very tired.)

Joeb says:
"You deal with me on your insurance. You have $0.60 per pound per article. As i see it right now the weight of the bookcase is estimated at 100 pounds, the weight of the grill cover is estimated at 10 pounds at the most. So that would be a total of 110 pounds. That would be for a totalof $66.00. I am not going to go for you think there may be another wardrobe box missing. You were there when we moved you, you knew there was no inventory taken at that time. It was the cheapest move rate and that was what you wanted."

I replied:
"Hey hey hey, never offered me ANY OTHER MOVE RATE...

I'm not poor, Joeb. And our things are VERY important to us. If you had different rates for different kinds of moves, you needed to communicate that clearly! I have your entire package in a folder, and NOTHING in there indicates that I chose a certain type of move package!

What kind of business are you trying to run, man???

Our bookcase weighs WAY MORE than 100 pounds. You guys all balked at having to move it, especially to a downstairs location in the house. The damage you all did to the bookcase is going to cost WAY MORE than $60 to fix, and you know it."

(I was a little ticked off. Just a little.)

He replied:
"Take a look at the paper you signed. The office just informed me that you took the $0.60 per pound per article. It is in your signed contract with me. The BBB can not make me pay you any different than the contract that you signed. It is a legal binding contract.

At this time i am asking you to stop with the ugly, insulting, slam dunking me at every point that you can think of. I am trying to get this settled and done with. I do not have to continue to have to take your verbal abuse. And every email from you has been full of verbal abuse, insults and threats of an attorney. And any attorney will see this signed legal contract between me and you and find it binding. You may not be happy with the way things turned out but i see no way to make you happy."

Um, you know what woulda made me happy? HIM NOT BEING SUCH A DOUCHE!

My response (this is the full email):
"The paper I "signed" is attached. Of course, I don't have a copy of the one I signed...just the one with your comments about how I paid all moneys due to you, so if you have a copy of one with my signature, that'd be great to have in my possession. (You should have sent one to me after you made a copy of it. If you did send one, I never received it.)

As I see it, I signed a Valuation Option that was marked for the Minimum Valuation of $0.00 of deductible, Limit null, and $0.00 Cost. To me, that means that I have a $0 deductible to meet when it comes to damages, and there is no limit to the damages I can claim. All that for a $0 cost.

I don't know where you're pulling this $0.60 per pound per article nonsense from. Or the $250 deductable.

I've also attached the other additional information included in your quote package you gave us on 4/8/11. On the first page, you state, "As your representative, I pledge a total commitment of my time and resources to assure you a well coordinated and efficient move from inception to completion."

Now, I just ask you to think back over everything that's occurred in this contracted time you've shared with us:

- You didn't bring us additional boxes when we requested them, and when you finally did, it was less than 24 hours prior to the move. We had half of our house to pack up still.
- You didn't bring a truck large enough to handle our load of items on the day of the move.
- You didn't bring an efficiently sized team to move us, and one of them was completely inappropriately dressed for the job at hand.
- You left in the middle of the move to deposit my check. I know that you have said this is standard procedure, but it just isn't. Also, in doing so, you left my husband behind to do your job, essentially.
- You left early prior to finishing the job.
- You ignored my communication to you about our missing items.

Just tell was any of that an example of a "total commitment" of your time? How could any of it be seen as a "well coordinated and efficient move"? I'm asking you calmly and without ire. I'm simply stating the facts.

The way you and your company handled this move made it 100% more stressful that it needed to be. Moves are already stressful without anything going wrong! And in our case, it's as if everything that could go wrong DID go wrong. The only thing that didn't happen is our stuff didn't burn up in a fire of some sort.

I need to go through my files at home to find the weight of the bookcase, as well as the cost info. It was a Crate & Barrel piece, and they no longer offer it for sale. We bought it 4 years ago. But I'm big on saving pretty much everything on stuff like that, so I'll see if I still have it, and then get the info to you later tonight. I believe it cost us somewhere around $1200 - $1500, though. And I'd estimate the total weight of the piece to be around 300 pounds. Each piece separately (top and bottom) likely weigh about 150 each. It took 3 men to move it into our house initially, and I don't know how many of you moved it from the house to the truck, but I'd imagine there must have been at least 3 of you working on it then, as well. Since I wasn't there, I can't know for sure.

I, too, want to get this resolved and just move on. But you've made that incredibly difficult to do. Which is what added to me being angry with you. If you'd handled it differently from the outset, I would have been a much more agreeable customer to work with, I can assure you.

Please advise on the Valuation Option that I've attached in the quote as agreed to on 4/8/11. Unless I'm completely misunderstanding that, it looks like you agreed to pay for the damages as incurred by your team during our move. With no limit attached. So I'm very confused about your information you've provided thus far."

Now, I might be really off in the head (seriously...I can't really tell anymore, at this point! Everything feels melty in there...), but I thought that was quite an improvement from previous emails. I was calm, collected, stating the facts clearly...

But I guess I was wrong...?
"I have recieved your email.I have had it with your rude behavior. You have put me down enough.

Look at your paper. It says

Valuation Options

Minimum Valuation-no deductable Limit null cost $0.00- Has a check mark

Depreciated Valuation-$250.00 deductable- limit null- There is no price there nor a check mark

Replacement Valuation-$250.00 deductble-limit null- There is no cost there nor a check mark
The check mark indicates which Valuation you choose. The Minimum which is by law is $0.60 per pound. To have Depreciated or Replacement Valuation it would have cost you money for that insurance it is not free.

The Minimum Valuationis $0.60 per poud and is free.

You said you have the folder that i gave you, look at it, there is paper work in there that tells you all about it.

I am not going to argue back and forth with you and continue to have you tell me about how to run muy business. Mistakes were made, I said i was sorry and that i would take car of the damage. End of the story.

If you care to email me again do it with out the hatefull statements and utting me down. You have done enough of that.

You will be getting your check in the mail as soon as i get a proper weight on the bookcase."

Good God. So fine. I sent this back to him, and will wait to see if he thinks I'm continuing to be nasty...
"Joeb, that was actually a really nice email, I thought. Maybe you should re-read it again? I was just pointing out why I've been as angry as I have been. (And you just keep trying to tell me why I shouldn't be angry.)

Obviously, we're not going to see eye to eye on this ever. Which makes sense on a fundamental level, but still...I'm your customer. Does that fact mean absolutely nothing to you? I'm so frustrated because it seems like it really doesn't. It makes me want to bang my head on hard surfaces.

I didn't choose the level of insurance you offered me. It was pre-chosen. I didn't put that "x" next to the minimum valuation line, it was obviously typed in on the quote for us, and I clearly have a different idea of what that all means, anyway, so I guess I should have asked you to explain it all to me when I signed it. I thought it meant that I was getting the best deal on my insurance options. I wasn't offered the chance to sign up for the other insurance options. Maybe that was something you discussed with [Leo] on the day you came to gather info for your quote on our move. But it was never relayed to me. And I'M the one that pays the bills, so it really should have been communicated to me better, I think.

Not that I'm trying to tell you how to do your job! I'm just giving you feedback on how I feel like I've been walked all over in this entire transaction.

Also, I included scans of all the documents I had in the folder you gave me. I've included them in attachment form on this email again, in case you didn't see them last time. Neither of them goes over the specifics of the insurance information or what happens if a claim needs to be made. Unless I'm totally missing that point, in which case, please highlight it and send it back to me! Because I feel a lot like I'm going insane over this whole thing, especially when you keep telling me that I've signed something that I don't even have a copy of with the signature on it.

Net/net, you make promises in your contract and the paperwork you give along with it that you failed to meet. Again, I'm not trying to put you down or to be hateful. You simply did not do the job that I paid for. I don't understand why that's something I'm not allowed to say. I'm your customer. Why is my feedback not worth anything to you at all?

I'm trying to be civil civil as I can be, anyway. Because I'm tired. And I don't want to have to deal with this any more. I have lots more things I have to do to deal with the house, my new loan, my bills, my marriage, and frankly, it's all more important to me than it is for me to continue trying to reason with you. I'm not a very nice person to deal with when I'm treated like I'm a complete idiot who is being bothersome to someone that I paid to do a service for me.

It's like going out to a restaurant for dinner, having to pay after I get my drinks but before we finish the meal, and then having them serve me the wrong order in a half portion size, and then have the waitress reach over and break my finger before walking away laughing at me.

Can't you see this from my point of view at all?

I'm pretty sure you're saying you can't, but still. All I've been asking for all along was what the contract promised me.

So, sooo tired..."

It's so frustrating arguing with someone who is defensive and irrational! I really wish he'd stop being like that.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Lots to update with!

Vacation was wonderful. My eye actually stopped twitching while I was away, and I wondered how long it would take for it to start back up again if we moved someplace like the North Shore of Oahu...I'd give it 3 weeks, maybe. The roosters having something that sounded like slaughter parties every other night would be enough to stress me out after a certain point, I'm sure!

Anyway. We were in Hawaii for a week. There were roosters. And there was lots of swimming. And the TV didn't work, but we really didn't mind all that much. We floated, we relaxed, we swam some more, we laughed, we fought a little because, well...DUH. But it's cool. It was still a wonderful time in my book!

And now we're back. And I know what everyone here is looking update about the damned mover. Of course I have one!

So let's see...I was supposed to call him on July 4th to set up a time for delivery of our items on the 5th, right? So I did. And left a message.

And then I texted him about an hour later to follow up because why would he return my call? Pshaw!

And then I texted again, and called one more time before I finally passed out at 9 p.m. We'd been traveling for many, many hours in order to get back from Hawaii, and I was wiped out. I asked him to call me in the morning after 8 a.m.

He did call at 11-ish. He left me a message because it was the one time that day that my phone wasn't attached to my hip. He said that he was in North Carolina for a move, and that he'd left his storage unit key with a person named Eric who was supposed to have contacted me. He gave me his number, but messed it up several times as he did it, and said, "I'm going from memory here, so if (913) 555-5551 isn't right, then it's definitely (913) 555-5552." I tried calling both numbers, and both said they were disconnected.

So I called Joeb instead. This time, he answered! And he immediately got defensive and told me that I really had no right to be angry with him as he'd done nothing wrong.

I'll just let that sink in a bit.

Ok, so Joeb and I argued for a few minutes, with him constantly telling me that my being angry was unreasonable and unacceptable (!!!) and then I said, "Joeb, didn't you take an inventory of our items before or as you put them into storage?" And he said, "NO! You didn't pay for me to do that, so I didn't do an inventory." ::sigh:: I said, "Dude, you have GOT to be kidding me. That isn't something you do as a matter of standard on your storage moves? What the hell?" And then he said that he didn't have to justify his business practices to me, or some shit, and I got more mad, and finally just hung up.

I had texted my realtor earlier in the morning to let her know that Joeb was ignoring my attempts to contact him after he had agreed to speak to me on the 4th to set up delivery of our missing items on the 5th. She said she was going to email him. We finally had the computer set up in the house, so after my workout that morning, I went to the office to sit down and file the BBB complaint against this jackhole. And I also responded to my realtor's email to Joeb, in hopes that it would sink in to his teeny, tiny brain that he had indeed done MANY things wrong!

So here ya's what transpired after that. Enjoy! It's kinda long, just to warn. Not that you'd expect anything otherwise from me:

"Hi Elizabeth,

Joeb finally returned my call today, and told me that he had left our items in the charge of someone named "Eric", who had a key to his storage unit, and was supposed to be delivering our items to us.

Mind you, I arranged with Joeb prior to our leaving for vacation that I would be contacting HIM on July 4th to arrange a time for HIM to deliver our items on July 5th. He finally agreed to that arrangement, probably because he wanted me to leave him alone on his precious vacation.

So I did. I called him at about 4:30 p.m. on July 4th. I didn't hear back. I texted him. I didn't hear back. I called him again with one final message before I went to bed at 9 p.m., and asked him to please contact me after 8 a.m. today, as we had been traveling for 36 hours starting Sunday, and we were tired, and I couldn't wait for him to contact me any longer on Monday night.

His message he left me (with "Eric's" phone numbers...he wasn't sure which one was correct as he was working from memory, he said, and by the way NEITHER number for "Eric" worked!) said that he was in North Carolina. Which I would assume he was aware would be the case prior to his vacation he was on starting the day after our move on 6/15.

He told me today, when he FINALLY answered his phone when I called that I had NO RIGHT to be upset with him, as he has done nothing wrong. I didn't let him know about the items that were missing until AFTER the move.

Which is a lie. We told him DURING the move that we were missing a wardrobe box, and he said nothing. We had two boxes he tried to give us that didn't even belong to us. He said NOTHING. I texted him that night to let him know that we were missing two dining room chairs. I texted him to let him know we were missing a CD cabinet the following day.

See, when people move into a house under durress, as we did, thanks to Joeb not bringing us additional boxes as requested until less than 24 hours before the move, and then bring a truck TOO SMALL to move the entire house at the same time, and says they will "do us a favor" by going back for a second trip, even though they don't usually do that sort of thing, but they'll do it for us because of the trouble with the boxes, and then they complain about the construction in the house on the day of the move, even though we TRIED to set up the move for the 17th because of the construction mess! But they weren't able to help on the 17th because they said they had a job in Platte City already...which turned out to actually be that they were going on vacation to the lake on the 16th. And then the stuff is hurriedly moved into the home on 3 different levels, with the help of a woman in FLIP FLOPS, and takes over 8 hours because not enough man power was accounted for in the move, and the owner of the company LEAVES MID-MOVE to deposit the check I paid him, and then when he returns, he and his crew break a major piece of furniture that belongs to us, and then LEAVES EARLY BEFORE THE JOB IS COMPLETED because they have to visit someone in the hospital (I'm totally serious...he couldn't stay to complete our move because he and his flip-flopped girlfriend had to go visit someone who'd been in a motorcycle accident the week before)...

Well. You can understand the stress involved. I didn't realize we were missing 2 chairs until I looked around for the additional 2 that were supposed to be in storage, and realized no one had ever brought them in.

I didn't realize the CD tower was missing until Leo said he'd looked for it, and couldn't find it.

We didn't realize the cover on the grill had been punctured multiple times until we went to grill the next night, and found not just the punctures, but also that the propane tank hadn't been detatched prior to moving it, and it was tipped sideways, and had leaked out releasing the remaining propane. Super-safe, by the way.

And yet, Joeb doesn't think he's done anything wrong. I'm "just a customer", so there's no reason for him to tell me he's going on vacation the day after he moves our house, and leaves several of our items God knows where. He doesn't think he should have to communicate with me while he's on vacation about the delivery of our items because...he's done nothing wrong. He doesn't think that arranging a professional manner of drop off for the items is important because...HE'S DONE NOTHING WRONG.

Oh, and the shit he broke? I guess I just get to deal with broken items, eh? Because obviously, Joeb didn't do anything wrong!!!

I'm reporting him to the BBB. I already put up negative reviews on Yelp and on the Yahoo search engine White Pages area for his company. And I plan to keep searchng out all locations that [the moving company] pops up in searches so I can place negative reviews in those locations as well.

Thanks for your continued help. I honestly don't know how this guy and his business were referred to you, but I'd find a way to pay that person back somehow, if I were you! I have some poison ivy we found in the backyard, if maybe you'd want that...;)

I'll be in touch...We really want you to see the place once we're able to organize everything (not that it's been made easy, thanks to our lovely move and all), so hopefully in the next couple of weeks we'll have it pulled together."

That note had been written to both my realtor and the email address for the moving company. So I got an auto response from their company that said something about them getting back to me about my inquiry within 24 hours, and customers are all important to them, blahblahblahbullshit. It made me laugh. So I replied to that, too.

""At [Moving Company] customer satisfaction is our highest priority." Hmm...maybe you should change that to read something more like, "We don't care about your items, and we don't care when we deliver them to you. As long as we get your money in our bank, you can go suck it."

That'd be more accurate."

And then I signed my real name. But Joeb missed that, apparently. He only saw that he was getting emails from a "Faith Smith" in his inbox, and lashed out accordingly.

"This is the most unprofessional way to assult someone i have ever seen.
Your comment below is very rude and nasty.

We are trying to get this worked out with the shipper. But to be told that she will stalk us were ever we go to bad mouth us. WOW!

We are at a move in NC. And no the phone was not anwered on a hoilday July4th. And I do not hve to tell a shipperwhen i am going on vacation.

We will keep these emails to give to the BBB to show how we are being threatened and talked to.

This shipper will be taken care of now that she is back in town. I should be ack in town in a couple of days."

So I wrote back, "That's not an "assault." It's the truth. (An "assault" would be what you did to our glass-doored cabinet that is lying in pieces on our office floor right now. In case you want a good comparison.)

Is it just this hard for you to see the truth in writing? Go ahead and send THIS to the BBB: "Joeb charges people for storage he claims is free, he goes to the bank in the middle of the move to deposit the check that's paying for the service, and then when the service isn't completed properly, he gets defensive, childish, ignores the customer, and expects the customer to justgo with it when their things are missing. But of course, he never gives them the stuff he basically has stolen from them. He just continually makes excuses as to why he can't do it."

Let's see how the BBB thinks that customer "service" should be rated, shall we?

And as far as reviews go, I'm sorry but do you expect me to give your company a GOOD review at this point? You must be in a mental state all your own, is all I can say. It's not stalking. It's covering bases to make sure no one else ever gets treated like you have treated me by your company again, if at all possible.

Also, you do realize that you responded to just MY email below, right? Who are you talking to when you're saying you're trying to work things out with "the shipper"? Also, if this is your idea of "working things out" with my husband and I? WOW. Seriously. Get help, man. I wasn't kidding about my suggestion on business courses in my last email. You need some. DESPERATELY.

[Real Name]"

And then I followed up in another email, "Oh, and just a reminder, you said you would be available on July 4th for me to contact regarding delivering our items today, on July 5th. I have it in writing from you. In text form. I did that specifically so I could use it in a court of law in the future, should you come back and say something like, "And no the phone was not anwered on a hoilday July4th." You texted me at 12:42 p.m . on 6/24/11 and said, "I was away from my phone because I'm on vacation. I will look forward to your call on the 4th about the 5th. Once again I am going back to the water. Talk to u then." (I went ahead and bolded the pertinent parts, in case those aren't clear to you right off the bat.)

I'll have a complete write up of all of our texts available to send to you tomorrow afternoon, if you'd like them. I know you think that mine were simply harassment, but since you have our items in your possession, and we paid you to move them and you are now refusing to give them back to us? Any court of law would see it as me being persistent because you've basically stolen our things. You can try to look at it any other way you want to.

But you're in the wrong. And I'm right.

Is it because I'm a woman that you feel it's ok to treat me this way? I'm just wondering. If it were a man who was asking you for a definite date of delivery, and was calling you out for not delivering as promised/contracted, would you be more interested in helping him? Maybe that's why you're seemingly surprised that I'm so angry about our missing items that you're keeping from us? Because I'm female?

At this point, I'm at a total loss, so I'm just guessing that must be the case."

He responded pretty quickly: "At this point it sounds like you have turne this into a law suite. I will contact my company attorney at this point to get further instructions from him. I have not stolen your items and am not treating you in a bad manner because you are a women as you have just stated.
As I said before, get me a list of your damaged items, missing items and pictures of the damage. Do this via email and we will get the claim process going.
I have done y bst to deal wih you but all i ge is insulted no matter what i say."

I would assume that it looks that way because he's writing from his phone, but there's really no telling with this guy. That could be the way he actually spells shit. Who knows?

So I replied, "You have done the exact OPPOSITE of "y bst" to deal with this, Joeb. How you fail to see that is beyond me.

I've asked for the BBB to intervene as of today. I will go to my lawyer if futher assistance is required to get you to actually FACE this issue and handle it like a professional.

I will send pictures of the damaged items as soon as possible. Because the house was in such a mess after you "moved" us, we haven't had a chance to get online before today.

I sent a list of the missing items and their value to the BBB. You can deal with them through that.

Funny how you were planning on delivering all of our items to us on the 28th, and suddenly, you just don't have them. Hm. Wonder where they went while you were off enjoying your vacation!? Did they just walk out of the storage unit and hike on down the highway???

Apologies for all the sarcasm. But I don't how else to handle someone who behaves like you do in situations like this. It's been ridiculous. And in fact, looks like you've had other recent claims against you for customer service issues according to your BBB page. Maybe you should learn a lesson a lesson from all this, or maybe take up a different profession. Just a thought...

Thanks a ton."

And now we're at the point where we were discussing the missing items, and their value. But then this mysterious "Eric" person actually got a hold of me this morning at about 10:20 to say he was on his way to deliver the missing items to our house. Yay! Except, it wasn't all there. Booo. And I'm still waiting to hear back from Joeb about the insurance info so I can see what's being done about our broken bookcase.

I still don't understand why he needed the value of the missing items if he was going to return them all this time. Waste of my time, waste of his time...all of this is just such a fucking WASTE.

I sent this in a final email earlier today, and haven't heard anything back from him. It was just an update about the items that Eric delivered to the house today, and how there are still items missing. So I included the following, "Another tip for you in your future moving endeavors: keep an inventory when you pick up items and put them into storage. I don't know why that wasn't something that you already did, but it's something that should be allowed for in the cost of the move, if indeed you plan to charge people extra for it. I expected it was just standard procedure. And if it wasn't, and was something that you would have charged me extra for had you offered it, then you should have mentioned that when I hired you.

Because I can tell you now: had I known that you were just throwing our stuff into a storage unit without knowing what belonged to us, how much of it there was, and mixing it up with other peoples' items, I WOULDN'T HAVE HIRED YOUR COMPANY. Because that is just plain bad business, Joeb."

I'm tired. I'd like to sleep for 30 hours, now.