Friday, July 22, 2011

The curse of the apple-shaped body finally comes into play.

It finally happened. One of my coworkers clearly thought I was pregnant, and started asking me how I'm feeling, and how I'm dealing with all this heat, and the feet swelling and stuff...and then started talking about how being pregnant in the dead of summer is definitely one of the more difficult things to have to deal with.

So that was my clue that she thought I am not just fat...that I must have another person in this dress with me, or something.

I started talking about how my twin had her babies in the summer, too, and I know how crazy it can be to be late term in July!

She said something about how she timed one of her kids perfectly, and had her in nice walks in June were an option, and that was just a perfect time, in her opinion.

And as we were finishing up our respective tasks (I was getting water, she was getting coffee), I said, "Well, since I never plan on having any kids, I don't ever have to worry about any of that stuff! Hahahaha!" And she said, "Oh yeah...totally!" And laughed along with me.

I hope she doesn't feel too embarrassed. It's not her fault God blessed me with this apple shape.

Or that I chose to wear an empire-waist maxi dress to the office today. (It's hot as fuck out. Sorry...I'm dressing as classy as I can without lighting myself on fire.)

Anyway, it was funny. ::sucks in stomach::

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