Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Lots to update with!

Vacation was wonderful. My eye actually stopped twitching while I was away, and I wondered how long it would take for it to start back up again if we moved someplace like the North Shore of Oahu...I'd give it 3 weeks, maybe. The roosters having something that sounded like slaughter parties every other night would be enough to stress me out after a certain point, I'm sure!

Anyway. We were in Hawaii for a week. There were roosters. And there was lots of swimming. And the TV didn't work, but we really didn't mind all that much. We floated, we relaxed, we swam some more, we laughed, we fought a little because, well...DUH. But it's cool. It was still a wonderful time in my book!

And now we're back. And I know what everyone here is looking update about the damned mover. Of course I have one!

So let's see...I was supposed to call him on July 4th to set up a time for delivery of our items on the 5th, right? So I did. And left a message.

And then I texted him about an hour later to follow up because why would he return my call? Pshaw!

And then I texted again, and called one more time before I finally passed out at 9 p.m. We'd been traveling for many, many hours in order to get back from Hawaii, and I was wiped out. I asked him to call me in the morning after 8 a.m.

He did call at 11-ish. He left me a message because it was the one time that day that my phone wasn't attached to my hip. He said that he was in North Carolina for a move, and that he'd left his storage unit key with a person named Eric who was supposed to have contacted me. He gave me his number, but messed it up several times as he did it, and said, "I'm going from memory here, so if (913) 555-5551 isn't right, then it's definitely (913) 555-5552." I tried calling both numbers, and both said they were disconnected.

So I called Joeb instead. This time, he answered! And he immediately got defensive and told me that I really had no right to be angry with him as he'd done nothing wrong.

I'll just let that sink in a bit.

Ok, so Joeb and I argued for a few minutes, with him constantly telling me that my being angry was unreasonable and unacceptable (!!!) and then I said, "Joeb, didn't you take an inventory of our items before or as you put them into storage?" And he said, "NO! You didn't pay for me to do that, so I didn't do an inventory." ::sigh:: I said, "Dude, you have GOT to be kidding me. That isn't something you do as a matter of standard on your storage moves? What the hell?" And then he said that he didn't have to justify his business practices to me, or some shit, and I got more mad, and finally just hung up.

I had texted my realtor earlier in the morning to let her know that Joeb was ignoring my attempts to contact him after he had agreed to speak to me on the 4th to set up delivery of our missing items on the 5th. She said she was going to email him. We finally had the computer set up in the house, so after my workout that morning, I went to the office to sit down and file the BBB complaint against this jackhole. And I also responded to my realtor's email to Joeb, in hopes that it would sink in to his teeny, tiny brain that he had indeed done MANY things wrong!

So here ya's what transpired after that. Enjoy! It's kinda long, just to warn. Not that you'd expect anything otherwise from me:

"Hi Elizabeth,

Joeb finally returned my call today, and told me that he had left our items in the charge of someone named "Eric", who had a key to his storage unit, and was supposed to be delivering our items to us.

Mind you, I arranged with Joeb prior to our leaving for vacation that I would be contacting HIM on July 4th to arrange a time for HIM to deliver our items on July 5th. He finally agreed to that arrangement, probably because he wanted me to leave him alone on his precious vacation.

So I did. I called him at about 4:30 p.m. on July 4th. I didn't hear back. I texted him. I didn't hear back. I called him again with one final message before I went to bed at 9 p.m., and asked him to please contact me after 8 a.m. today, as we had been traveling for 36 hours starting Sunday, and we were tired, and I couldn't wait for him to contact me any longer on Monday night.

His message he left me (with "Eric's" phone numbers...he wasn't sure which one was correct as he was working from memory, he said, and by the way NEITHER number for "Eric" worked!) said that he was in North Carolina. Which I would assume he was aware would be the case prior to his vacation he was on starting the day after our move on 6/15.

He told me today, when he FINALLY answered his phone when I called that I had NO RIGHT to be upset with him, as he has done nothing wrong. I didn't let him know about the items that were missing until AFTER the move.

Which is a lie. We told him DURING the move that we were missing a wardrobe box, and he said nothing. We had two boxes he tried to give us that didn't even belong to us. He said NOTHING. I texted him that night to let him know that we were missing two dining room chairs. I texted him to let him know we were missing a CD cabinet the following day.

See, when people move into a house under durress, as we did, thanks to Joeb not bringing us additional boxes as requested until less than 24 hours before the move, and then bring a truck TOO SMALL to move the entire house at the same time, and says they will "do us a favor" by going back for a second trip, even though they don't usually do that sort of thing, but they'll do it for us because of the trouble with the boxes, and then they complain about the construction in the house on the day of the move, even though we TRIED to set up the move for the 17th because of the construction mess! But they weren't able to help on the 17th because they said they had a job in Platte City already...which turned out to actually be that they were going on vacation to the lake on the 16th. And then the stuff is hurriedly moved into the home on 3 different levels, with the help of a woman in FLIP FLOPS, and takes over 8 hours because not enough man power was accounted for in the move, and the owner of the company LEAVES MID-MOVE to deposit the check I paid him, and then when he returns, he and his crew break a major piece of furniture that belongs to us, and then LEAVES EARLY BEFORE THE JOB IS COMPLETED because they have to visit someone in the hospital (I'm totally serious...he couldn't stay to complete our move because he and his flip-flopped girlfriend had to go visit someone who'd been in a motorcycle accident the week before)...

Well. You can understand the stress involved. I didn't realize we were missing 2 chairs until I looked around for the additional 2 that were supposed to be in storage, and realized no one had ever brought them in.

I didn't realize the CD tower was missing until Leo said he'd looked for it, and couldn't find it.

We didn't realize the cover on the grill had been punctured multiple times until we went to grill the next night, and found not just the punctures, but also that the propane tank hadn't been detatched prior to moving it, and it was tipped sideways, and had leaked out releasing the remaining propane. Super-safe, by the way.

And yet, Joeb doesn't think he's done anything wrong. I'm "just a customer", so there's no reason for him to tell me he's going on vacation the day after he moves our house, and leaves several of our items God knows where. He doesn't think he should have to communicate with me while he's on vacation about the delivery of our items because...he's done nothing wrong. He doesn't think that arranging a professional manner of drop off for the items is important because...HE'S DONE NOTHING WRONG.

Oh, and the shit he broke? I guess I just get to deal with broken items, eh? Because obviously, Joeb didn't do anything wrong!!!

I'm reporting him to the BBB. I already put up negative reviews on Yelp and on the Yahoo search engine White Pages area for his company. And I plan to keep searchng out all locations that [the moving company] pops up in searches so I can place negative reviews in those locations as well.

Thanks for your continued help. I honestly don't know how this guy and his business were referred to you, but I'd find a way to pay that person back somehow, if I were you! I have some poison ivy we found in the backyard, if maybe you'd want that...;)

I'll be in touch...We really want you to see the place once we're able to organize everything (not that it's been made easy, thanks to our lovely move and all), so hopefully in the next couple of weeks we'll have it pulled together."

That note had been written to both my realtor and the email address for the moving company. So I got an auto response from their company that said something about them getting back to me about my inquiry within 24 hours, and customers are all important to them, blahblahblahbullshit. It made me laugh. So I replied to that, too.

""At [Moving Company] customer satisfaction is our highest priority." Hmm...maybe you should change that to read something more like, "We don't care about your items, and we don't care when we deliver them to you. As long as we get your money in our bank, you can go suck it."

That'd be more accurate."

And then I signed my real name. But Joeb missed that, apparently. He only saw that he was getting emails from a "Faith Smith" in his inbox, and lashed out accordingly.

"This is the most unprofessional way to assult someone i have ever seen.
Your comment below is very rude and nasty.

We are trying to get this worked out with the shipper. But to be told that she will stalk us were ever we go to bad mouth us. WOW!

We are at a move in NC. And no the phone was not anwered on a hoilday July4th. And I do not hve to tell a shipperwhen i am going on vacation.

We will keep these emails to give to the BBB to show how we are being threatened and talked to.

This shipper will be taken care of now that she is back in town. I should be ack in town in a couple of days."

So I wrote back, "That's not an "assault." It's the truth. (An "assault" would be what you did to our glass-doored cabinet that is lying in pieces on our office floor right now. In case you want a good comparison.)

Is it just this hard for you to see the truth in writing? Go ahead and send THIS to the BBB: "Joeb charges people for storage he claims is free, he goes to the bank in the middle of the move to deposit the check that's paying for the service, and then when the service isn't completed properly, he gets defensive, childish, ignores the customer, and expects the customer to justgo with it when their things are missing. But of course, he never gives them the stuff he basically has stolen from them. He just continually makes excuses as to why he can't do it."

Let's see how the BBB thinks that customer "service" should be rated, shall we?

And as far as reviews go, I'm sorry but do you expect me to give your company a GOOD review at this point? You must be in a mental state all your own, is all I can say. It's not stalking. It's covering bases to make sure no one else ever gets treated like you have treated me by your company again, if at all possible.

Also, you do realize that you responded to just MY email below, right? Who are you talking to when you're saying you're trying to work things out with "the shipper"? Also, if this is your idea of "working things out" with my husband and I? WOW. Seriously. Get help, man. I wasn't kidding about my suggestion on business courses in my last email. You need some. DESPERATELY.

[Real Name]"

And then I followed up in another email, "Oh, and just a reminder, you said you would be available on July 4th for me to contact regarding delivering our items today, on July 5th. I have it in writing from you. In text form. I did that specifically so I could use it in a court of law in the future, should you come back and say something like, "And no the phone was not anwered on a hoilday July4th." You texted me at 12:42 p.m . on 6/24/11 and said, "I was away from my phone because I'm on vacation. I will look forward to your call on the 4th about the 5th. Once again I am going back to the water. Talk to u then." (I went ahead and bolded the pertinent parts, in case those aren't clear to you right off the bat.)

I'll have a complete write up of all of our texts available to send to you tomorrow afternoon, if you'd like them. I know you think that mine were simply harassment, but since you have our items in your possession, and we paid you to move them and you are now refusing to give them back to us? Any court of law would see it as me being persistent because you've basically stolen our things. You can try to look at it any other way you want to.

But you're in the wrong. And I'm right.

Is it because I'm a woman that you feel it's ok to treat me this way? I'm just wondering. If it were a man who was asking you for a definite date of delivery, and was calling you out for not delivering as promised/contracted, would you be more interested in helping him? Maybe that's why you're seemingly surprised that I'm so angry about our missing items that you're keeping from us? Because I'm female?

At this point, I'm at a total loss, so I'm just guessing that must be the case."

He responded pretty quickly: "At this point it sounds like you have turne this into a law suite. I will contact my company attorney at this point to get further instructions from him. I have not stolen your items and am not treating you in a bad manner because you are a women as you have just stated.
As I said before, get me a list of your damaged items, missing items and pictures of the damage. Do this via email and we will get the claim process going.
I have done y bst to deal wih you but all i ge is insulted no matter what i say."

I would assume that it looks that way because he's writing from his phone, but there's really no telling with this guy. That could be the way he actually spells shit. Who knows?

So I replied, "You have done the exact OPPOSITE of "y bst" to deal with this, Joeb. How you fail to see that is beyond me.

I've asked for the BBB to intervene as of today. I will go to my lawyer if futher assistance is required to get you to actually FACE this issue and handle it like a professional.

I will send pictures of the damaged items as soon as possible. Because the house was in such a mess after you "moved" us, we haven't had a chance to get online before today.

I sent a list of the missing items and their value to the BBB. You can deal with them through that.

Funny how you were planning on delivering all of our items to us on the 28th, and suddenly, you just don't have them. Hm. Wonder where they went while you were off enjoying your vacation!? Did they just walk out of the storage unit and hike on down the highway???

Apologies for all the sarcasm. But I don't how else to handle someone who behaves like you do in situations like this. It's been ridiculous. And in fact, looks like you've had other recent claims against you for customer service issues according to your BBB page. Maybe you should learn a lesson a lesson from all this, or maybe take up a different profession. Just a thought...

Thanks a ton."

And now we're at the point where we were discussing the missing items, and their value. But then this mysterious "Eric" person actually got a hold of me this morning at about 10:20 to say he was on his way to deliver the missing items to our house. Yay! Except, it wasn't all there. Booo. And I'm still waiting to hear back from Joeb about the insurance info so I can see what's being done about our broken bookcase.

I still don't understand why he needed the value of the missing items if he was going to return them all this time. Waste of my time, waste of his time...all of this is just such a fucking WASTE.

I sent this in a final email earlier today, and haven't heard anything back from him. It was just an update about the items that Eric delivered to the house today, and how there are still items missing. So I included the following, "Another tip for you in your future moving endeavors: keep an inventory when you pick up items and put them into storage. I don't know why that wasn't something that you already did, but it's something that should be allowed for in the cost of the move, if indeed you plan to charge people extra for it. I expected it was just standard procedure. And if it wasn't, and was something that you would have charged me extra for had you offered it, then you should have mentioned that when I hired you.

Because I can tell you now: had I known that you were just throwing our stuff into a storage unit without knowing what belonged to us, how much of it there was, and mixing it up with other peoples' items, I WOULDN'T HAVE HIRED YOUR COMPANY. Because that is just plain bad business, Joeb."

I'm tired. I'd like to sleep for 30 hours, now.


Anonymous said...

Jeezy creezy. :\

Fred Sanford said...

Not as satisfying after the initial build-up, but I expect there will be more, right?

Faith said...

::sigh:: Yep. There's more, Fred. Of course...

::crying in frustration::

faithstwin said...

Whoa. I hope this works out for you guys when all this is over. =/ I'm so sorry you have to go through it though.