Thursday, July 21, 2011

My blog hates me and my Hawaii photos, just FYI.

I tried posting a new post yesterday, twice, that had some additional photos from Hawaii in it, because they were fun and they put me in a good mood to look at.

But neither post went through. It's just sitting in my dashboard, taunting me with the photos, but continually erroring out and losing any word content I add each time. Fucking frustrating, man!

I know I said I wouldn't update on the mover situation anymore, but I just heard something interesting and kinda funny that I thought might be interesting and kinda funny to you all as well. My realtor texted me just now to ask if we lost a set of golf clubs in our move with Joeb. I said no...we don't golf. And she replied and said that he delivered three sets of clubs to another client of hers, and they don't belong to her. That other client thinks he might be on drugs.

I wouldn't doubt it.

I told her that while we're still waiting for some art that is missing (2 paintings that the Twin did back when we were in high school...), and a couple of boxes, we aren't holding our breath.

I'm still in weekly contact with him, just checking to see if he's found the art, or anything else, and to let him know that I have had the doors from the bookcase repaired, and because we did it through a company that we've worked with before and will be working with again really soon, they did it for free. I thought maybe that kind of news would be helpful with him maybe looking a little harder for my art that I really, really wish he hadn't lost.

We'll see.

The end of the week is almost here! I cannot wait to pass out tomorrow night, and not have to wake up again until after 9 the next day. WOOHOO!


faithstwin said...

Well that's cool that the door got fixed for free- but I'm not happy my paintings have disappeared. *sigh*

I am exhausted and get a contractor-free day it seems due to some drying on skim coat taking place. But the next stage is tile- woohoo! I'll send you pics of the latest stage along with some shots from Eddie Izzard last night.

Faith said...

Yay! I want more pics of Eddie!!! :D

And I'm pretty pissed about your paintings possibly being gone, too.

Seriously, where does the stuff go??? Because, like the lady who had 3 sets of golf clubs delivered to her, and Leo and I getting two boxes of stuff on our truck that didn't belong to us, don't people SAY SOMETHING about the shit that doesn't belong to them when he tries to deliver it???

If so, does he just chuck it in the trash because he doesn't know who it belongs to, and just thinks, "Oh well! Sucks for them!" or something?

I hate him. That is all.