Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New talents are tough to find at 37.

I discovered today that I can fall asleep in a waiting room at a car dealership while waiting for my car to be worked on. (And then wake up in a room full of other people waiting, too, by the way. WHOOPS! Hope I didn't snore!)

It helped that MSNBC was on, I think.

I used to have trouble falling asleep anywhere other than in bed, or in a nice sunbeam on the living room floor after church on a Sunday.

Thanks to the help of my pal xanax, I was able to sleep pretty well on the plane out to Hawaii and back this last trip.

But I didn't even have xanax today! I was just tired, so I fell asleep!

Wait...does this mean I'm getting old? OOH, maybe I'll go through menopause soon, then, too! ::crosses fingers::


Ms. Pants said...

Dude. I start menopause next Thursday! I'm kinda excited about it!

(Also, I thought I was older than you! I just turned 36. Why am I retarded?)

Faith said...

Ok, you need to send me an email to explain the menopause thing, dammit. Because, the hell???

And yeah, I'm older than you. The retarded thing, I cannot explain. You need to talk to Mama Pants on that point. :P

Ms. Pants said...

Total hysto on the 4th. My box is broken so they're just kinda stripping it to the foundation, ya know?

faithstwin said...

I totally woulda taken a pic of you if I were one of the other patrons waiting with you.

You never told everyone about the drug-induced candy buying during your lay over in San Fran. Yeah- Faith+xanax= extra silly.