Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh hello, downhill! It seems you've already met my day...

So apparently, Almeta's daughter isn't planning any service or funeral for her mom.


This makes me a wee bit mad. But I'm going to see if I can meet up with our friend Jim, and get something planned all the same. Hell, even if we have a send-off of some kind at the Moose for her, it's waaaay better than absolutely NOTHING! Right?

I think I'm right.

Maybe I'll have a whiskey sour in her honor. Gotta do it Almeta-style, though. She could make one last for about 2 hours by adding ice to it as it got low, and the original ice began to melt. So. CUTE.

Aside from all that, I'm having a relatively productive week. Leo and I painted our basement starting on Sunday. Well, to be fair, I helped on Sunday, and he finished it yesterday while I was at work. It was a little ridiculous with the paint fumes in the house, so we learned a lesson there (um, don't paint your basement when it's 100 degrees outside in the shade, DUH), but it looks sooooo much better! As soon as the fumes have subsided enough for me to be in there for longer than 2 minutes, I'll take pics and get them loaded on the computer to share.

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