Friday, July 29, 2011

Want updated pictures of the new house?

I just realized, while I was trolling for cocktail tables all over the internet this afternoon, I haven't posted any updated photos of the new house in a while. I'm sorry! I think it was because I tried posting about the Hawaii trip a couple of weeks ago, and the photos would post, but the words wouldn't, and I got frustrated with it all together for a while.


That said, THIS is one of the lovely pieces of art that was left behind by the previous owners:
It's in a guest bedroom upstairs that we call "the wolf room." Twin will get to sleep in there with it in a couple of weeks when she comes to visit. Twin, we also installed speakers in there so that we can play "night forest music" which includes an occassional howling from a wolf! Neat, huh?


(Ok, ok...Leo painted over the wolf yesterday. And the Twin can sleep in whatever guest room she wants to. But the wolf room should be an awfully quiet one! Also, we will always call it "the wolf room." Forever and ever.)

When we were searching out lighting for the new great room area, Leo came across a page in a Room & Board catalog that had this chandelier in it:
He fell in love, and I really liked it, too. It went well with the table we'd picked out, and it was perfectly priced, IMO. I managed to find it on, when I was searching for the other light that he wanted for over the staircase. Because I'm awesome like that. :D Here's that chandelier, by the way:

It looks so cool in our house, guys! I don't have a better picture of it than this, but here it is!

Ok, so the dining table and chairs arrived last week. And after they delivered them, Leo took a picture and sent it to me right away:

My response was something along the lines of, "That looks like a conference table in my office. :( "

I didn't have to wait long before he sent me an updated picture that looked much better. When I got home, I took some photos in person with a digital camera, rather than the phone. See? Better, right?
I know that our taste in furnishings isn't the same as a lot of peoples', but those chairs were not only chosen for their looks (we like them, anyway), but also because we could see people sitting in them for long periods of time, and not getting uncomfortable. They're pretty fucking awesome, according to my ass.

Aside from the furnishing of the home, we have done a lo-hoooot of painting. I only helped minimally. Leo has been painting pretty much as a full-time job since we moved in, with the one vacation week in Hawaii as a break. The basement was the space I helped in. And it turned out FABulously. We still have a little clean-up/warming up to do in the space, but we really love the way the walls turned out:

It's been a lot of hard work. This weekend will probably be the first weekend in several where I actually need to go to the gym to get a workout in over Saturday and Sunday! But it's been well worth it. God, do we love this house!


faithstwin said...

I'm so excited! I can't *WAIT* to see it all in person. Yay!

Nuke said...

Looking good. Part of me would have been tempted to nail a frame around wolfie and call it art.

I am glad you are so happy with the place. Any Jeffers activity here or at work?

Faith said...

No Jeffers activity at all.

I'm kinda mad that those people that bought our house get to live with him now! I know, I know...I need help. :P