Friday, July 08, 2011

What a week, eh?

Ok, y'all are tired of the mover stories, and you know I am. So we'll just be done with that now. I'm going into silent mode with him, and I will with you guys too about it after this!

All I'm saying is that people who judge the situation from afar don't have the proper perspective on it. That much is clear to me. I can write a novel in here about why we hired the people we did, and why we made the decisions the way we did, but I don't really want to. Suffice it to say, selling a house is stressful. Buying a house is stressful. Doing both of those things within 2 weeks of each other? Yeah, it's awesome and all. But DAMN.

NEVER again. Never.

Dudes, I am so glad it is Friday.


faithstwin said...

pssttt: I wanna see you rip the real estate agent a new one, please. just sayin'...

Faith said...

I don't really have any reason to, though. She didn't know he was such a putz. She had refered him to others before without hearing of any issues. ::shrugs:: I can't really blame her for any of this.

Plus, she gave us a really nice housewarming gift. :D

Not that that matters, really. But it would make me feel bad about going off on her now.

I tried looking up their names in conjunction with each other yesterday online, and nothing came up. So I don't know if they're related, or what. She told me that she had him removed from their referal list in her realty office, and that's the best I can ask her for, I'd think.

faithstwin said...

Well you can at least release the correct spelling of the mover's name. Which we all know is Boje. *raises eyebrow*