Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Dining out in the new neighborhood...

Leo and I are getting used to being in a more southern part of Johnson County, now that we've moved. It's not as convenient as it used to be to hop in the car and head over to Friends on 39th, or to Brookside for our favorite flatbread at Blue Grotto, for example. It's not out of the question, by any means. But for convenience's sake, we're trying out some new places down here, and seeing how they can substitute for the old favorites in a pinch.

Sushi House is our go-to replacement for Friends. Totally different environment, of course, but the sushi is delicious, and we much prefer it to Ra. Nothing against Ra! But...well, they haven't been all that awesome the times we've gone there, so we gave up on them entirely.

Now if Sushi House could just do a $1 sushi promo once a week like Friends does, we'd be in the pink! :D

Anyway, I'd read about NoRTH a while back, and then we watched a No Reservations episode that took place in the northern part of Italy, and I told Leo, "We gotta check that place out!" So we headed there for lunch a couple of Saturdays ago, and really enjoyed our food!

It was also nice to see an old familiar face in the kitchen. An old coworker of Leo's that I also knew from the Blue Moose in PV works on the line. Cool! (It's always nice to run into people on the line that Leo didn't treat like dirt, and that he had a good relationship with. A couple of places we've gone to, he's seen a guy or two that he had to fire when he was managing them, and all I could hope was that they either didn't see us sitting in their restaurant, or they didn't remember him at all. Because, AUGH!)

Anyway, the flatbread was fine. The grilled artichoke was yummy.

But they have these things called "zucca chips" that are amaaaazziiinnng. Just thinly sliced zucchini, fried up and seasoned to perfection. So simple. So original.

So fucking good that I wanna eat them every day!!!

I want to try to replicate them, somewhat, by thinly slicing a zucchini on my mandolin and baking off the "chips" in the oven. But I wonder if it will work. Has anyone tried it yet? I know I'm not the only one in town that thinks that those chips are the fucking bomb...so tell me, have you recreated them at home with any success? If so, HOW? I must know!

I don't have a fryer, and I'm not all that big on frying stuff up, anyway. Which is why I wanted to try the oven baked method. But is it a waste of time?

In the meantime, I'm trying my best to not go to NoRTH every day to order the damned things. But I can only hold off for so long, people...

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