Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Do you eat convenience store food?

Yesterday, as I drove back to work from a lunch appointment down in Stanley with Leo, I brought up a fun post I read on The Lunch Blog earlier in the day. Shaw had posted about a new roller food that QuikTrip released recently called the Loaded Potato Roller. We had a short discussion about how much food we had eaten at convenience stores, and I can’t remember a time when I’ve ever had a hot dog or a burger or even a breakfast sandwich from a place like that. I’ll sooner grab a bag of Gardetto’s snacks to go with my beverage than anything else. When we were little, we got things like hot dogs/corn dogs from a place called Der Weinerschnitzel, and so I guess I just never experienced the need to eat at a gas station, really.

Leo said it was something he used to do all the time. But it HAD been a while.

Anyway, this morning, he joined me at the gym when I went to meet my trainer. And when we were done, we headed up the street to QT for our reward of caffeine in large quantities.

While we were grabbing our drinks, Leo said, “I’m going to get one of those things. I worked out…I deserve it!” (The dude is a stick figure at this point, anyway. He can eat whatever he wants, really!) I was all, “No. C’mon, man! Roller food???”

(Yes, I’m a bit of a prude when it comes to the roller food. I admit it!)

I reminded him, “The guy who reviewed it said it really needs a sauce to go with it, though. And it’s all garlicy, and shit.” Leo was undeterred. He was going to try it, and I could not change his mind!

So we got in the car, and he started eating his weird-ass tube of mashed potatoes covered in bread crumbs, and seemed to enjoy it enough. He said it was somewhat over-garliced, but not too bad. It did get dry after a few bites, but then it was gone, and all was quiet again.

Until an hour later, when it hit his bowels! Hahahahahaha!

Yeah, roller food is not a good idea, dammit.


faithstwin said...

Hahahahahaa! I don't even feel sorry for him- he was warned!

Nice. Now I have a new dig I can use next week when I pop into town. =D

Faith said...

Yep! You can be all, "Hey dude...wanna go get a tacquito at the QT? Or a cheeseburger roll?" Hahahahahahaha!

(Poor guy. He really was NOT HAPPY when I was leaving for work. But I DID warn against the eating of the item!)

Logtar said...

I never had the loaded potato one, probably did not exist back in my KC days, but the chicken one was not bad at all. It was quick, cheap and consumed probably once a month when I was too lazy to cook something. I do have a stomach that can withstand most abuse though.

Shaw said...

Nice writeup! I don't remember experiencing any "aftershocks" from the potato roller, so I'll count myself lucky there. I will say most of the rest of QT's rolling food is good, I get serious cravings for the hot dogs. The cheeseburger logs still horrify me though, both in concept and greasy execution.

Faith said...

Well, he agreed that it would be nice to have a sauce of some kind, Shaw. But he said it was just...weird. Because of the mashed potato consistency, and all.

And then he started talking about making fritters out of twice baked potato filling, and got all nostalgic about his creative chef days in different kitchens around the metro. It was sweet. I thought he harbored nothing but animosity toward those old days!

We wound up discussing food sitting around for too long before eating it, which was a little bit prescient of us, I s'pose. Or maybe it was the power of suggestion that did him in. Who knows?

Logtar, my stomach used to be able to handle much more than it can these days, so I hear ya! But still...I guess I'd rather spend the additional $4 and get a burger and fries from McD's if I'm going to be "bad" at all. Maybe it's a guy thing to eat the roller food? Hmmm...

faithstwin said...

Shaw mentioning the hot dog reminded me of the time the girls and I were coming home from something and it was pretty late. I had been craving a hot dog for, like, 5 days. And you know that old saying? If you still crave something after 3 days, give in? So I did. I stopped at our AM/PM and grabbed a dog. I got home, unwrapped it and the stupid thing was positively GRAY. The girls laughed so hard. I think I cried a little.

That, I believe, was the last time I attempted what you call 'roller food'.

Faith said...

Eeeeewwww! So it wasn't just out in a roller for you to choose it from? It was already wrapped when you bought it? Yeah, I can see how that would be an awfully sketchy purchase to make! :P

So another key to grabbing convenience store food: get the unwrapped stuff, and put it in a wrapper of some sort for yourself. Got it!

Nuke said...

On QTs hot breakfast rack I have had the Jalepeno & Cheese sausage. Twice. One time was really good one time was super dry.

One night after drinking I had the buffalo chicken roller and it was OK but seriously wanted ranch for it.

Know tho, in addition to hot dogs, they have brats. I Loooooooove bratwurst. I have been tempted, but maybe it is the fact that I don't drink as much that has kept me away.

Usually tho, if I need hot food at a gas station, I get something from the fridge that I need to microwave.

statia said...

See, here we have a chain gas station/ convenience mecca that is Wawa. And I have had stuff from their, because their shit is GOOD. They have a really good (and always fresh, not 3 days old) turkey sausage egg white bagel. If we're in a hurry, I'll grab one of those. They also make really good cheese stuffed pretzels. It's definitely not something I eat often, but I know if I eat there, it's not going to suck.

statia said...

Their? THERE. Gaaaah!!!

Shaw said...

Faith & faithstwin, I think that's one of the reasons QT is better than any other gas station's roller food - you can check out what you'll be eating up close. If I have to get a hot dog from the clerk like it's a pack of cigarettes, no thanks.

Nuke, I'm a big fan of the brats there as well. If they're in stock I'll always choose them over a the hot dogs. Too bad they're only a seasonal offering.

Their breakfast options can be hit and miss, much more so than the rolling food. I've rolled the dice and come up with the occasional half rock-hard biscuit. My favorite is the Ham & Cheese on a pretzel bun, it's so good when it's made well. But I've also had a couple times where they come out soggy or stale. Bleah.