Thursday, August 04, 2011

Oh, is that the way the universe wants to play this week?

So far this week...

...I have stepped in gum as I got out of my car at the chiropractor/acupuncture doc office.

...I found a deep, long scratch/dent on the driver side of my car that is RED, and UGLY, and fuheihrjhdsgbatluweryuilthbJCFK>ghkadgtrila!!!!

(Both of those two things basically make me hate people all over again, if I ever stopped doing so. Srsly, how hard is it to NOT throw your gum out of your mouth when you are IN A FUCKING PARKING LOT??? Same question, sort of, for the car scratch. Why is it so. fucking. hard. for some people to avoid hitting the cars around them when they're parked next to them? RESPECT, MUTHERFUCKERS! Jeee-eee-eezY!)

...I was mistaken for being pregnant again by the same coworker who assumed it a week or so ago.

...My butt has only gotten worse, even though I took Wednesday off to lie down and take Advil all day long in hopes of making it happier. Didn't work.

...While I was home, I discovered a leak in our sprinkler line that was sending a cascade of water down the street for half the day before we found it, and for another 2 hours after while we waited for the water company to come shut it off for us. (Shutting off the main supply in the house didn't do the trick. Had to shut it off at the meter...)

...I got in a mysteriously-origined fight with Leo, prompting him to sleep in the guest room last night. Awesome. ::sigh::

...I had to give in and go to the urgent care center for help with my butt, because crying constantly at my desk was bound to send up some red flags. (I have an appointment with an official GI doc on the 15th, but I couldn't deal with this until then...I just couldn't.)

It's the end of the day almost. I'm banging out my work list really well, and that makes me feel good, so yay.

Leo apologized for being mad at me last night, blaming the "bad day" that generally happened for both of us.

The urgent care nurse practitioner was very nice and understanding, through all my tears and embarrassment, and helped me as much as she could.

And the leak in the sprinkler was an easy, not-too-expensive fix once the water was shut off.

So I'm trying to look at the bright side of it all.

But goddammit people...find a trash can for your gum, and stop opening your car doors into the cars around you!

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Tony said...

Hey Gurl, long time since I sent a message your way but just wanted to tell you that I'm keeping my fingers crossed about your butt (???) and sending good thoughts your way. Thanks for sharing . . . And I'm definitely linking because your writing on the subject is captivating.

Take Care,