Thursday, August 11, 2011

One last update about my mover saga...

Anyone wanna hear what wound up happening with the mover? When I last talked about him, I had this story, and this story to tell. And then I decided to stop talking about it. My blood pressure couldn't handle it anymore!

But it definitely didn't end there. I stopped communicating with "Joeb" any way other than through email. I collected all the emails I had and saved them to my computer, and deleted them from my inbox, so I didn't have to have them junking it up anymore. But I needed to save them in case things didn't get resolved at all.

And every once in a while, I'd send him a new email, asking him if he'd had any luck finding our missing items. He said he hadn't, but he'd keep looking. I sent him pictures of some of them to help out in his search. He thanked me for the photo assistance.

He never responded to the Better Business Bureaus requests for communication about the issue. I stayed in contact with them, and finally followed up yesterday to confirm that they still hadn't heard anything from him, and that ever since the previous owner - who had been a BBB member in good standing for 4 years, I think it was - had sold the business to Joeb, they had had many, many complaints.

I told them about something that happened a couple of weeks ago that kind of confirmed that I'm not alone in this mess. My real estate agent texted me to ask if Leo and I were missing any golf clubs? And I said no, we don't golf. And she replied, "[Joeb] delivered 3 sets of clubs to another client of mine and they are not hers. My other client thinks he is on drugs..."

I told her that didn't surprise me at all.

So when I told the BBB rep that I spoke to about that issue, he said, "And how do you know about this information?" I told him that my real estate agent who had referred the jackass to us in the first place knew that we were missing a bunch of stuff. So she was checking to see if anything that he'd tried to deliver elsewhere might be something we were trying to find. "Oh...that makes sense," he said.

We finished the call with him saying that he wasn't sure what was going to happen at this point, but they'd look into it. I said that the very least they could do was downgrade the rating on the company. Because if I was looking into a business on their site and saw that they were in A- standing, I wouldn't think twice about using them, really. And this dude DEFINITELY doesn't deserve that A-. He doesn't even deserve a C!

Well, today I got an email from them that informed me that my complaint was officially closed.

"The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has made attempts to contact the business regarding the above referenced complaint. We regret to inform you that we have not received a response from the company.

Your complaint is against a company that is not a member of the BBB, and therefore has not agreed to work with the Bureau in order to resolve complaints.

This complaint case has now been closed as an UNANSWERED complaint in their file."

Soooo, I guess that means that the business is no longer a member of the BBB. Shocking! And now it's time to take them to small claims, because it seems like he's just never going to find our stuff, no matter what.

I don't mind the things that are replaceable, so much. I mean, it sucks, but it's something I can deal with.

But the dude lost two paintings that the Twin made in high school/college that I've been hanging on my walls ever since. I loved those paintings! I'm so pissed they're gone!

So small claims it is. ::sigh:: I hate going to court!


faithstwin said...

I am really sad that those paintings have been lost. It's obviously something I can re-do, but that was a different time in my artistic life. I've moved on to other things and besides: they were one-of-a-kind things. Maybe I should sell some art right quick so you can place a 'value' on my pieces. Anyone wanna buy any of my stuff for, say, $500? =D

Faith said...

So true! I mean, how do I place a value on them, I wonder? It's going to be hard to figure it out.

I'm sorry they're gone, dude. I wish I could go back in time and kick this dude in the nuts instead of hiring him. :(

faithstwin said...

I was sitting here all sad and melancholy about it when Oldest walked in so I told her what was up. She couldn't grasp the painting of the little people holding the chairs up. I was able to pull it up, of course, and was actually surprised at her reaction. She thought it was so cool! It made me a bit more happy to know she liked it too. *sigh* Stupid fucking mover.